Hump day

I woke up this morning feeling thin. Thin and sexy. Always a good start to the day. Then I spent my time dawdling and didn’t have time to shower. Honestly, no idea what I was doing… But anyways, got dressed, t-shirt, ball hat, jeans. I got to work and my jeans kept falling down, it’s a combination of stretchy jeans slightly too big, no belt, and a super low cut. No reason for me to show off my ass crack, luckily I had an extra pair of leggings in my bag. The troublesome jeans are in the to go pile. Thank goodness I had back up pants!
While at work yesterday one of my co challengers texted me. He started the vi challenge on Saturday, he has felt amazing… And from Saturday till Tuesday he lost 9 lbs. I am SO proud. I think I was even more excited than if I had lost the weight myself. He was a little skeptical about the product, so his progress is extra exciting!
I’m still a pit… I didn’t weigh because it will be Fridays, but all I do is eat! This morning I had a mango Greek yogurt and mango juice shake, Vanilla snack pack, 2 kiwis, 4 turkey pepperoni sticks, some cheddar, another vi shake, coffee yogurt with chocolate almond milk, and butterscotch flavouring (bulk barn yessssss! Butterscotch, amaretto, and banana cream) a handful of strawberry gummies, also a bulk barn purchase. Chicken enchiladas, hummus and antipasta with crackers, and a gigantic David whiskey white tea with honey. I’m going to have to eat after the gym too…
I missed the gym yesterday, and today will be straight cardio. I did some lunges and squats at work, it was that slow. I also broke down a pallet of boxes. I guess it sort of counts. I have heaps of things to do at work, but trying to train, and leave things to do while training. A girl can only do so much dusting! Thank goodness for sales reps and delivery drivers! The one driver shamelessly flirts with me. I thought at first he was just really nice, yep, I’m obtuse… But one of my staff witnessed the interaction today. She was just looking at me as he left. I started to laugh, “that was some shameless flirting?” “Uh yeah, holy smokes, I felt awkward” was her reply. Being a sex symbol is such work… Just imagine the heads I could turn if I showered! Hahah…weigh day Friday.


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