I sigh a lot…

This morning I woke before my alarm. Just so damn excited to go to work! I showered, got ready packed 18 items for my lunch, sent a couple “good morning” texts (these are wonderful! Goldylocks sends them to me, and I have decided to pay this wonderful, smile inducing thoughtfulness forward). I was hard at work a couple hours earlier than normal doing inventory, and before I had a chance to send the rest of my good morning texts, they started coming in! So fantastic, sunshine to start my day. “Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, Make me feel important. Never forget this message when working with people”- Mary Kay Ash.
I am a bottomless pit. An average menu during the day while I’m at work…
Oatmeal with quinoa, fruit and nuts
2 shakes with Greek yogurt and fruit
Fruit and or veggies
Pepperoni or beef jerky (mmmmm….MSG, and salt…) cheese
I live for belvita breakfast bars despite the sugar
Salad with cheese and meat
Usually some sort of dinner, Thai on this particular day, green coconut curry with chicken rice and veggies.
I have now made it thru the junk food at my house so I can really focus on eating well. Miss E sent a list of rules she had made for herself to be ultra ripped by spring break, I will do the same.
-no chocolate
-no Starbucks unless I am coming to blog
-no more whopper Wednesday. So sad… I guess this translates into no more burgers. I love beef. However, there are better beef choices to be made.
-one hour per day dedicated to my cardiovascular and or mental health. A walk, some gym time, or some yoga.
-do more yoga. Yes it’s hard, it’s supposed to be. But it makes me feel spectacular. The last part is what I need to remember.
-no more watching entire seasons of shows in a week on project free TV, they will still be there… I watched 5 seasons, 12 episodes each of sons of anarchy, in a little over 4 weeks. Excessive.
-No more working during my time away from work. 40 hours per week. I will delegate duties I do not have time for.
-drink more water, even if its in tea form. That sounds nicer, Drink more Tea.
-less sugar, in everything, be conscious about it.

Nothing outrageous here, but challenging, there may be a surge of blogs in order to get some Starbys! I am in like. Smiling to myself, sighing, daydreaming, like. I spent the night at Cherise’s, her husband made us dinner (stir fry, yum!). I had a chance to play with Mime, after she went to bed we had a couple adult beverages and visited. I managed to make both Cherise and her hubby feel a little queasy with my smiling and sighing and swooning. Cherise has been around, I had to ask her, what happened to me? When have I ever been this girl? Generally I have a cool to touch demeanour, guarded? She said I sparkle, and I haven’t found someone else that sparkles like I do… until now. My ex, he had a warm glow, but not a sparkle, #13 was a straight cut mat. My mom sent me an e-mail, she has resolved to not comment as much on here, she scorned me at the self doubt. I thought I had done a good job of burying it in my post. Ma picked it out. I deserve to be with someone that is too good to be true. I deserve it because one should get back what they put into a relationship and I am too good to be true. Thanks Ma. So deep in like, and attached to my cell phone for the sweet texts that brighten my already brilliant days. I am hopeful that when Goldylocks is home this like will translate into real life. Time will tell.
Done my tall (I know… mini bliss no venti tonight!) and headed home to kick my own ass doing yoga. Maybe sort thru some kitchen stuff, bedroom, bathroom and closets done! I feel amazing…






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