Working on the night shift…

It’s less depressing to work at a liquor store on a Friday night. People are off work, ready to party, instead of without work, and sad. Or retired and drinking their kids inheritance. I’m not sure how many of you have watched a loved one drink themselves to death. It’s UGLY. Sometimes I feel a moral dilemma. Yes they are adults, but I sell booze and cigarettes. Not all customers are depressing,
I guess you see more during the day while everyone is at work. I work tonight, and needed a coffee, but a blog was necessary, if you can’t keep a promise to yourself…
I awoke to a “happy Friday beautiful” text, oh Goldylocks… Swoon. Also my girl T and face raper who I would like to rename sunshine, beat me on the draw. I sent out a few texts, and got motivated, made chicken vegetable soup last night, got it in the crockpot, cleaned my kitchen, mopped the floors, stripped my bed and did laundry. Cleaned the crumbs out of my half a couch crevasses. Poor half a couch. Then the sun was shining, and I geared up for that hour I promised myself. It was sunny, not too windy, right around 2 degrees Celsius. I managed 6k in that hour, was wonderful, however, the road is bare, the trail is still a skating rink. I bet I could have shaved 2 min of each K if I didn’t have to be so cautious. Nearly bit it once, but thank goodness for yoga and a good core, I saved a bruised ass. In my motivated whirl of cleaning I forgot to weigh. Ah well. I’ll weigh twice next week! Better get on my way, my boss is a real pain in the ass about being late… 😉


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