Adventure in the snow

10 years with my ex, and we only went to a handful of public events. A couple weddings, and they were under threat. Goldylocks is in town for a week, he invited me for a drink with a couple friends. Really? Public hanging out? Is that right? Is that how relationships are supposed to work? I was nervous. I went on 30+ dates, and was only nervous for the first one. I am confident, personable, and I mean 30 Dates, not a twinge. I didn’t give a damn. Last night I was nervous. I phoned Cherise, left her a message, partly because I felt silly, and she always puts me at ease. (Thanks buddy your reply was hilarious)
So a drink with a couple of his friends, the poor man was running on maybe 5 hours sleep in 36 hours. He is a trooper. It was chilled, and funny. He has great friends. I still struggle with public displays of affection, like I said 10 years, few public events, makes hand holding difficult. I just don’t even think about it. So while aching to hold his hand I was stuck across the table from him. Poor planning on my part! He suggested I drive him home, heck yes! However… He lives a ways out of town, and we had lots of fresh snow. A Plow hadn’t made it thru yet. I love driving in snow, ripping around, drifting corners doing doughnuts. Years of driving in the bush with my gramps, I don’t mind, I’ve even ended up in a ditch or two, or ten…
I had to take a run at one of the hills, twice, and learned how to turn off traction control. By the time we made it 3/4 of the way up the driveway, well, my poor little car couldn’t go any further, the deep, soft snow was not cooperating. We ended up in the ditch. So it looked like we were walking up to the house. Again a pile of fresh snow, and moon light reflecting off the mountains, it was a beautiful night. Unfortunately I was wearing slippers, and ended up on my ass a couple times. The snow was cushioning, no bruises. Goldy said I could have stayed in the car, he would have drove down to get me. I’m not the wait in the car kinda girl. 🙂 He suggested I hold onto him so I didn’t fall anymore, or at least we could fall together. It wasn’t till just now I realized how sweet that was, I laughed and replied I would be ok. Independant and obtuse me. It could have been an opportunity grope! I’m so dumb…
So this amazing man has had no sleep and is now starting up his truck to pull my car out of the ditch. Brushes off his truck, sitting for a month, warms it up and we head down to the car, he hooks a tow rope up to the car and after some pulling and sliding…. Bahah sounds dirty… Voila! Car in his driveway parked in front of the garage. I was insanely impressed by a) his ability to do “man things” b) the fact he was completely exhausted but still smart and proficient c) the positive and knowledgable directions he gave me to keep me and my car safe d) he kept the laughing and pointing to a minimum as I spent more time on my ass in the snow then standing. Damn slippers! Goldy said he was sorry we spent an hour and a half getting my car out, but I think it was fun, an adventure! A fun and unusual date! He just gets better and better.
I didn’t want to get out of that enormous bed this morning, but I suck at sleeping in, and I had to be at work. The drive down was much easier… fun in fact, and breathtakingly beautiful. Sunrise in the mountains with heaps of sparkling white snow. Goldylocks texted me to make sure I made it home ok. So flipping sweet. He has his bears for the rest of the week, but I’m hoping we can fit in another visit before he heads back to work.



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