A fitting end for the vacuum

So I haven’t heard from this guy in a while. He texted me to see if I want to go to a movie. I wasn’t completely against the idea, but wanted to be clear that there would be no romantic involvement, I initially thought the man was shy, have since concluded he is a jerk. So I text him back, I would go to a movie, but not romantically, as I have found someone that I have crazy chemistry with. He is away at work, so I still have time for movies and things with friends. I was thinking he would just politely decline my company. Nope. He responded with a “well he’s out of town, we could still hook up…” Really? I was insulted, what the hell, I am not that girl, and who would want to knowingly date that girl? Not always, but generally, someone cheats on their girlfriend or wife to be with you, it’s only a matter of time before they cheat on you with someone else. I responded with a sarcastic, “as tempting as that sounds I’ll have to decline.” There really needs to be a sarcastic font… He didn’t pick up on it. His reply was “It’s nice to be tempting” with a smiley face. Ugh! So at this point I’m not going to a movie unless it’s at gunpoint. I texted him that I have lots of single friends, if he wants I’ll set him up… His reply… “Do you have pictures of them?” Fail. What a shallow jerk. I like my friends and have no intention of exposing them to this toxic man. I replied with a “NO”. Have I mentioned lately how great Goldylocks is…?


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