What does one call Friday weigh days?

No more hump day weighs, ummm I’m taking suggestions as to what to call Fridays.
I had to measure how tall I was. I was concerned that I have shrunk. Everything I own seems excessively long. Skirts, pants, everything…I guess it makes sense, physical laws of displacement or something… My ass isn’t as wide, so the pants hang longer.
I have felt super svelte and sexy the last few weeks, and then this week… Not so much… It’s just the nasty body dysmorphia making an appearance. And the hormones don’t help. Oh the perils of woman hood!
At 8 am today, weight was 177.8, no loss slight gain, but I’m not concerned, took a few weeks last time to start shedding lbs. Still 5″6″ thank goodness. Measurements were almost all the same as a month ago. Up half an inch on my bicep, and calf, quarter of an inch on my thigh. I have discovered I can flex my chest muscles, a side at a time or together. What a FUN party trick! Now the trick will be finding a party situation that is appropriate to show it off! Oh who am I kidding… I don’t care if its “appropriate” I’m showing everyone! TGIF!


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