I despise counting calories. It makes a top 10 of my least favourite things. This past week I’ve been making an effort, not to eat whenever I want, to drink more water or tea. The first 8 days I have faithfully done at least 30 min of cardio. I went to the gym 5 of the last 8 days, and worked HARD. Sweating, muscle quaking, grunting and moaning, hard. Starbucks only when I blogged, and I had a tall instead of my usual venti. I made dinner, vegetable soup, curried cabbage and free range chicken with lentils, salmon and leek soup. Breakfast has been quinoa and oatmeal, I measured my Greek yogurt into shakes as to make sure I wasn’t putting too much in. I gained 3 lbs. this morning at 6am, 180. Mutherf***er. Measurements are all the same, (bust waist hips as I was headed into work early)
Yes it’s just a number on a little piece of plastic, but it irritated me this morning. So I will count calories this week. I hate it.
My awesome runners are wearing down, having put almost 500k on them, they have lived a good life. I had a decision to make, go grocery shopping, or buy new runners, I have lots of food in my cupboard and freezer, I bought new shoes. I’m one of the few pronators with a crazy high arch, so mizunos are the best, help straighten out my foot so I’m less likely to injure my knees and hips. They are a violent shade of coral, with lime green. They will be my new gym shoes, the gym shoes are going to outdoor, and I’m going to throw the old outdoors out. I would donate them, but they are trashed! Usually I wouldn’t need new runners till later in the year but it’s been sunny, as much as possible I’ve been heading outside to “run”… it’s really more of a brisk walk since its still icy and soon will be muddy, and I won’t run on pavement. I’m such a princess… Haha…
Ok, counting calories, keeping with the 30 min of cardio daily, 2 shakes and a positive attitude. The benefit of counting calories is that it gives me a breakdown of nutritional percentages and values, then I can see if craving meat is perhaps because my body needs more protein. I do crave meat quite often, and whipped cream… I guess the fat. Or maybe just because. The sun is shining, I’m going to go do my 30 min cardio. Have a fantastic Friday.





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