Year of the Snake

I’m upset, things feel “jarred” with my mother still. (Punny… Right?). Unfortunately not much I can do at this point… Give her a little time and space. I’m disappointed with the gain, although there are a bazillion reasons, scientific even, for this, it is a petty 1st world worry.
Feeling sad, disappointed or angry many of us have default activities. Go to moves that distract, or suppress emotions. I shop, I exercise, I eat whipping cream, I flirt. Pretty much in that order. I don’t have the funds to shop, I’m already exercising daily, so that leaves the whipping cream and flirting. The whipping cream won’t help the gain, and I already found a boy I really really REALLY like, so the flirting just makes guilt. I need a new go to stress reliever.
I’m looking for suggestions, they should require little or no start up costs, minimal skill level, and be versatile enough to do in any weather, day or night. Geeze, I don’t ask for much huh?
When I was dating like a maniac last fall, and well, honestly, a little jaded at the idea of love, I joked around with a few of my girls that I would give up, I would get super hotter… And be a whore. 2013 as well as being the year of the snake, would be Year of the Whore. It has a nice ring to it? When I was dating #13 (obviously not the “one”) I wailed that I would miss YOTW.
In actual fact, I would be a complete failure at this. Including but not exclusive to…
I am paranoid about STI’s.
I don’t like the idea of having sex with strangers. As lame as it sounds I need some emotional connection.
I am entirely obtuse about sexual advances.
I spend the majority of my time at work or with girls, maybe I could also become a lesbian? No… No way.
I am a terrible lier, I couldn’t juggle or swing from man to man, (and gross…).
It strikes me as a LOT of work.
Likely I would be required to shave my legs more than once a month, wear underwear and brush my hair.
I really enjoy my own bed, clean, high thread count sheets, a dark and quiet room.
There were few men that I dated that I would be interesting in making out with, so in order to be a whore I would have to lower my standards? Never good.
Society frowns on it, but more important, morally it’s iffy and my mother wouldn’t approve.
Being used for, or using another for sex, can’t be good for the self esteem, long term…
I know what I like, and how I like it, not really open to… anything, that is an un-whore type quality.
Potentially you could make bad decisions, being led by your libido could compromise your personal safety. It doesn’t think things thru like it should.
Pregnancy, and have I mentioned sexually transmitted infections? I think they are worth bringing up again.
So while talking tough, I was never cut out for YOTW. I think, all the power to the women out here with the confidence and security to execute such a lifestyle. I love to hear your stories!
So even without Goldylocks,(who despite being away, is spectacular), YOTW was a pipe dream.

2 thoughts on “Year of the Snake

  1. NolaM says:

    Geeze your Mother is a bitch….Let’s just not listen to her anymore… OK?
    Although… She is right about sleazebagging… I’ve never heard one woman say in her old age… “I should have done more of that!”
    Always better to find 1 good man and wear him out….and in… and out. Repeat.
    I am still learning the life lesson to be clearer…I can only change ME… so when I told Holley of my plan to change.
    Give less stuff, spend more time giving ME rather than things. Drop old baggage around useless stuff.
    She read that I wanted HER to change, or was not enough… or less than.
    So not true.
    We are weird in that we chose to make a lot of changes in our life. They have pretty much all turned out well… usually do when logic is applied and traditional dysfunction gets tossed.
    So when we spot ourselves doing something stupid…. We stop.
    No justifying, excuses, false promises….just stop…and then figure out where we want to go and how to get there.
    Sometimes…like last week, we stop without signalling or pulling off to the side safely first.
    So I had to apologize that I was the one that screwed up and that I would try to warn everyone in the future when we pulled a crazy Ivan.
    Holley has spent her life being the normal one with Eccentric Parents.
    She mentioned that she must have been a difficult child. It was the opposite.
    She taught us love, emotion and joy, caring and fun.
    Those of you that know us… can you picture how dry, limited and logical our lives would have been without her?
    I can’t. I don’t want to either…. and the rest of you hang around for your own reasons.
    You know how there is always one person in large families that everyone revolves round?
    She has been that, then taken all of us and weaved us together to make a stronger whole.
    Just proud to be one of the strings in her tapestry.

    We bought Caleb some rocks…Actually some Geodes to whack open… want to start a tradition? Grin.

    • holleyrocks says:

      NONSENSE! My mother is Brilliant, in every way possible, I mean it, more people should listen to her.
      I wasn’t sure if it was my own insecurities that were projecting on our interaction, but hopefully my long winded letter was concise enough to explain how I felt. I can’t take all the credit for our family tapestry, and thank goodness because there are a few “interesting” loops in there! We are all strong individuals, and sometimes our sticky backs get all tangled up, like tape on its self. We all just needed to sort ourselves out. I love you very much mom, I’m glad you are going to be selfish, you should be! You spend more time wearing your old man…out, and in? Haha.
      Geodes are so cool, what little boy doesn’t fill his pockets with rocks? I’m in… But I’m keeping my rocks… To pass down… 🙂

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