A day of love

Valentines day, for some people it’s the worst… I’ve never found it to be much of anything. I have a LOT of love, romantic, plutonic, unconditional. So if one year the romantic was lacking the other two made up for it! I enjoy being a ray of sunshine, I’m a people pleaser, good or bad. I get cards and flowers for friends, I make CD’s, sent texts, my staff gets a little something. Personally not a big deal, I have had a couple boyfriends years ago bring me flowers or make me a CD, I have cards, and once a romantic trip to Seattle for some sporting event from my Ex. Today is the first time I’ve ever had anyone send me flowers. Goldylocks, away at work sent me flowers on valentines day. I almost cried. I was completely satiated by the sweet text he sent me this morning. The last couple months of daily texts and sweet gestures it’s like every day is valentines… And then today he sends me flowers.


Made my grow a boyfriend seem lame in comparison! That Goldylocks…. Wow. Amazing.

For the record valentines day… Originated as a pegan fertility celebration, interesting thought as you make your 5 year old fill out a valentine for all 28 kids in their class, glad they went with paper instead of a goat hide ass slapping!



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