mid week fun

I am on a work trip. It’s a pretty sweet deal… Okanagan spring has an annual ski party, I’m not sure how I managed to luck out and get an invite? But I’ll take it. Two nights and one day, of a whole lot of beer drinking. They have been so kind as to provide accommodations, lifts, rentals, tubing, food and beer. So aside from gratuities and the baileys for our coffee… This is one of the first times I’ve taken something like this for myself, usually I give stuff to staff or customers. Silly me! We checked in Monday night, had dinner at the pub, and drank a handful of beer tickets worth of beer. Danced a little and watched the tomfoolery unfold. Being used to up early, bed early, by midnight I was drunk and ready for bed. I saw some pictures of the end of the night it was like a Harlem shake, everyone shirtless and gyrating like maniacs… I’m not sorry I missed it! Haha.
I didn’t get much sleep the first night as there was luggage cart races? Or something that sounded like it, going on in the hallway at 4 am. I would have ventured out to join in, but was deterred by the prospect of having to wear pants. I suck at sleeping in, so by 8 am was up.
The day has been a pile of fun. My ex wasn’t a fan of snow sports, before him I skied, snowboarded, went sledding, even skated. He would do none of those things with me, so I gave up on them. Karma and I went for breakfast, geared up, and went down to rent equipment. Outfitted and feeling awkward we snowplowed down a couple green runs, took the kids chair with and adorable kiwi kid, maybe 4 or 5, who kept us entertained on the ride up. A couple runs in we were felling more comfortable, and tackled a handful of green runs. I really enjoyed it. We lunched and had a beer, but opted out of the server races and skating, with a recently dislocated/sprained thumb I feel I wouldn’t be in top serving form. Instead we hit the hill for a couple more runs. We did a blue run and I successfully bailed, really was a good day.
We headed back to the room for a little nap and possible hot tub, but the Tom foolery had already started in the pool area. We had a beer and a couple appies “apre ski” but snuck out and back up to the room for a little wine drinking and relaxing. I have a hard time dealing with the entitlement and destructive mentality of many young industry people. Fuelled by alcohol and no repercussions for their actions, they bug me. At first I thought it may be because I’m getting older, but I’ve always been like this. I hold myself to a higher level of acceptable behaviour. You can party hard, and have fun, but if you fly just under the radar you stay out of trouble, no one sees your devil horns because they are dazzled by your cherub smile.
We donned our snow gear and headed down for dinner, and tubing, an insane amount of fun! We gave away our beer tickets to the service staff, 22 beer tickets each seemed a little excessive. Obviously many people had taken advantage of their tickets plus shooters and caesar’s. I had my flask in my snow pants, I think there is a pocket made just for it, but… I don’t need to drink to have fun! Again we snuck out and headed to the room there was a DJ/dance party and the lodge but we knew we only had a few hours of quiet before everyone got back to the hotel and started acting like apes. Right on schedule 1 am the yelling screaming and banging started. I luckily am entertained by drunks, some winner conversations drifting under the door! I had to stifle my laughter to not wake Karma who luckily slept thru most of it. I was tempted to start knocking on some doors at 7:30 am to invite them on our snowshoe…. Haha… I did have a moment where I considered heading out into the hallway to mess with the drunks, there was a time not so long ago when I would need to be the centre of attention. I realized I did not want any of the attention, positive or negative I may get from the drunks. I don’t even want to dabble with flirting, I really like Goldy, still having been nothing but impressed by him.
We were up early to eat and fit in a snowshoe before heading home, winter sports, I like them… Amazing!


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