20 hours


Measured, neck bust and hip are all the same as a month ago. My waist went up half an inch (bet it’s from all that beer), along with my biceps and calfs (working out), my thighs went down half an inch (squats!). I put my scale behind my washing machine, it was taunting me and making me crazy. I think I look exactly the same as I did a month ago. But then today I posted my best time ever for a 10k. I was only intending to do 5, but the sunshine and 2 cupcakes waiting in my fridge motivated me to do 10. I know the weights have gotten heavier, and the workouts tougher, but I don’t see drastic improvement. It all comes down to diet! However with a healthy dose of self deprecation who knows if I would see it anyhow.
I had a mini challenge to do 30 min of cardio every day in feb. it wasn’t difficult to make it happen, and even extend it to 45 or an hour…
I kept track of some things…
Last month I spent 20 hours doing cardio.
I spent 20 hours lifting weights.
I spent 20 hours cooking, low fat, whole food dishes, I tried 6 new recipes.
I did 60 sets of 20 ab exercises.
I spent approx 20 hours texting Goldylocks.
I spent $20 buying new music on iTunes.

I need to find more time to blog…



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