I’m sweet enough already

I wrote about sabotaging myself with sweets, my mother valiantly stepped up to join me on a 2 week mini challenge. Cut out the sugar, for 14 glorious days. Not a terribly long time, and we finish our challenge when my Dad is slated to retire. Obviously we will have to celebrate, both our sugar-less success and the much anticipated retirement with an ice cream cake. I’m interested in how I will feel. I have done a wild rose cleanse, and calorie counting quite often is a sugar reduced diet. This isn’t honestly too intense. There is added sugar in nearly everything we eat, and things like bread and milk are quite high in carbs, this is simply a cut out of the obvious. No mini eggs, chocolate or candy. No syrup laden lattes. So instead of chilling at Starbucks I am cozied up at home drinking David’s tea with honey. (Honey is ok).
We started last Tuesday, I made an appointment with the naturopath for the first week in April, I just feel a little off, hopefully she can help. I went to work, not feeling great and got a few things done, but decided home to bed was my most productive option for the day. I slept 4 hours in the afternoon.
Wednesday was a down day for me, Goldylocks told me he wasn’t available most of the week. I’ll write more on that later… But not feeling 100% physically I would have fought someone for a peanut butter cup. Down and dirty, in the mud, hair pulling, punch throwing, street fight style. For a chocolate bar… This tells me, I have more aggression than I thought I did, and I obviously have a sugar addiction.
As the week has gone on, my intense desire has slowly diminished, I would have loved a Starbucks yesterday, and Saturday, but resisted. Went to David’s Tea for a latte made with honey.


I was also attacked by some insect in my sleep, sporting bites on my right shoulder and ass cheek, again, I must be delicious, sweet enough already. I needed to vent some of my aggression and managed to get in a couple 8k runs in, it’s nice having that extra hour of daylight. The longer runs and a few days with less sugar, I feel thin, I think my belly roll is smaller, we will see come Friday!


6 thoughts on “I’m sweet enough already

  1. Shannon Holmes says:

    Hmmm! Sounds like I should try the same thing.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Beautiful Picture!!!

  3. NolaM says:

    One of your best qualities is your pro-active willingness to fix what isn’t working.
    I do so admire you for that. So many ‘fall and they can’t get up’.
    Well… life is supposed to be a bit of a challenge. We don’t tend to grow otherwise.
    Anyway… I am so very proud of you. C’mon Shannon… It’s actually not that bad after the first few days.
    There is just so many Yuck things going on in the foodspace
    The fact that I can’t find a gum that has cane sugar anymore. It is all aspartame and the new chemicals they are hiding in there.
    Japan has used a stevia extract that works fine and banned this crap. Eyeroll.

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