My poor pancreas…

2 weeks making a solid effort to eat less sugar. Finished yesterday. Today I am celebrating with a salted caramel cake pop and a hazelnut macchiato. I did just finish a work day where I put away 3 pallets of product, and followed it up with 20 min cardio, and chest and back workout. My shoulders feel like those jewel coloured jello squares you see at a Chinese buffet.
I ate really well, oatmeal with almonds with cinnamon for breakfast, honey ginger tea and a banana. Lunch was a kale and spinach salad topped with shredded spicy beef, avocado, habanero cheese, hot salsa and low fat Greek yogurt. Not sure what dinner will be, Goldilocks is bringing takeout. He has a limited amount of time so a dinner date between work, a work out and the work he has at home is good for me! He is busy, but so am I… honestly don’t know where all my time goes! How did I find time for 30 dates? Considered a quick run instead of blogging, but decided I had enough aerobic activity for the day. I’m struggling to be easier on myself. I don’t have to work like a maniac by myself all day. I’m not impressing anyone. I don’t need to spend 3 hours every day working out. I make good choices, I eat well, I sleep 8-10 hours, I drink water. I deserve a little down time.
The dentist this morning said I have beautiful teeth and she can tell I take excellent care of them. All that flossing has paid off! When it was all said and done I paid $137 for a new tooth brush.
My appointment with my GP was entertaining, as usual. Nothing like a good hearty laugh session while naked, feet in stirrups, and another woman’s gloved finger in your vagina. Haha! We talked about my mental state, the fact I have been bronchial and sinus infection free this last winter, and the new man-friend. She, with a stern tone stated “It’s not the old one again? Better not be…”
I told her about my feb, hours lifting weights and doing cardio without result. The diminished sugar challenge and my effort to eat whole foods. I divulged my plan to see a naturopath and asked her if hormone imbalance sounded like it may be the culprit. She figured the naturopath was a good idea, but that I should be prepared for a diet of grass and snowballs. She is funny! We did a pap, and I requested a full STI panel, she added thyroid (hypo) as well, so now I need to find a lab in town. She did say that I looked really good, MUCH better than last year. The receptionist that weighs me before the appointment set the scale, cocked her head and said “you are heavier than you look!” As she had to add more weights, I think that’s a good thing.
I am getting a tax refund and have decided to invest it in myself, the dentist, the naturopath, maybe a new set of runners, and a $50 Starbucks credit, so I can reward my hard work with some blogging! Happy hump day all, I need to shower and get ready for my date!


2 thoughts on “My poor pancreas…

  1. Nolam says:

    I just read your blog to c…it tickled his brain to read your internees letter.. He says. Tell her that I love her .

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