People who think they are a big deal… Usually are not.

Somehow along the way, Penticton has become home. I still miss Vernon, Kelowna and Calgary, but mostly for the people I love. Gone are the days of wearing my house pants and slippers to the grocery store. I have begun running into people I know. Some of them are uncomfortable, like MrNRN at the vitamin store or the gym, well not that uncomfortable, I have done so much better, so I have no hard feelings. I see #13 at the bar, co-workers at the grocery store, customers at the gym. Unicorn at the bank. It makes sense exposing yourself to all those people will greatly expand the likelihood of running into them. Not everyone was lucky enough to have me expose myself to them… Haha, you know what I mean!
Karma was at the gym a couple weeks ago, some stranger approached her and said “you are back! Where is your partner?” Those of you that know her, know she isn’t much for engaging with strangers, but it made me feel a little gym rock star-ish. And I would have loved to see the look she gave this stranger prying into her personal business. Hahahahaha.
We have been changing our workouts monthly, and the time we go to the gym has varied with work schedules, so in actual fact we didn’t go anywhere, he just wasn’t at the gym when we were. This months workouts are good, tough, but they are supposed to be. We are lifting heavier weights, I have noticed drastic improvement in stamina and strength. Measurements haven’t really reflected that. I am excited to see the naturopath Saturday to see if there’s something I can do to reset my metabolism, or hormones, or diminish stress, whatever my problem is. We will see.


One thought on “People who think they are a big deal… Usually are not.

  1. Heatheroo says:

    This town is definitely too small!!! I have already semi run into, and then stalked for about 5 mins the guy I lost my virginity too in London Drugs! LOL

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