Ohhhhh…. It’s so big, and hot, throbbing it’s so engorged!

All true, I have a big, hot throbbing knee. Last week we did weighted plié squats. That inner thigh/knee area has been a problem for me before, I must have moved it wrong, or put too much stress on it. Maybe I have been over training. I “rested” it, adapted the rest of the weeks workouts, it was still a little sore but not crazy, so this week when they came around again, I did them. I opted to do them without the 35lb kettle bell. Just the weight of my ass. Apparently it was enough that the next day my knee was hot and swollen. I have an engorged knee. I figure it need some rest. Today I also have a headache and sore throat. So instead of yoga followed by the gym, I had a nap on my half-a-couch.
It is physically painful to not work out. I have a problem. I feel like a sloth, a cute sloth, but none the less. Is it my A-Type personality? I must always work hardest, fastest, I can’t just do the minimum? I beat myself down with negative self talk because I missed 2 days at the gym. It’s a near overwhelming compulsion to go do something, bike, swim, walk, but I reasonably know I need to stay home, and ice my knee. It will not get better if I over use it.
The silver lining on all this is I was prompted to blog, even if it was just a shorty!


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