How do I like thee? Let me count the ways…

I keep saying I can’t find a thing about Goldylocks I don’t like. This is still absolutely true, but I have stopped looking for the negatives, instead I would like to share with all of you the things about him I like, even negatives are positive for me. So, in no particular order…
He drinks tea, looseleaf, he has a fancy tea infuser and a variety of turquoise and silver bags from Davids tea. One of the limited number of things I liked about moving to penticton.
He isn’t a big drinker, a little bit of a lightweight, and it’s perfect! It doesn’t take many drinks, and he feels ill, and wants to go to sleep. When he goes to bed after a few drinks he makes fortress of blankets and pillows, burrowing in to pass out. While drunk he is frank, friendly and so so funny. He makes friends everywhere he goes.
He isn’t a picky eater, if he doesn’t like something he will eat it, and even have seconds, (he has a story of choking down a meal, only to have the host pile another serving on…) We like the same things, same kind of cereal and pizza. He eats healthy, but isn’t a fanatic.
He doesn’t love the gym, but goes regularly.
He has the perfect amount of chest hair, not too much, not too little. He is clean and always smells good, Brushes his teeth with considerable force, they are squeaky clean! He is well groomed, trimmed beard, hair cut.
He isn’t overly concerned with clothes. Doesn’t need $600 shirts or 35 pairs of shoes, he has nice things, but isn’t a “fashionista”
His garage is organized, tools are put away, hardware is labeled and organized, everything has a place. I think a man that takes care of his tools is sooooooo sexy. He has tools, and knows how to use them. He is good at man things, and mechanically inclined.
He doesn’t smoke, or do drugs, but doesn’t harsh on someone else for doing it, not a judger.
His vehicles are maintained, and clean, driving with him you feel safe. He is a great driver, and not being a big drinker does a lot of driving.
He is polite, kind and compassionate. He remembers to ask about my day, or things going on. More intuitive than he gives himself credit for, he seems to sense distress, anxiety and when I say thinks are “O.K” that really aren’t. I am making an effort to admit to myself and subsequently to him when things aren’t ok… I feel like I can express how I feel without scaring him off.
He loves his mother, both his parents, and appreciates everything they do and have done for him. He is a family man, close to his parents and siblings, as well as, from what I can tell a great Dad. He makes an effort to visit his grandfather regularly.
Rarely does he say an unkind word about his ex. They have a working relationship and full shared custody, not something I would imagine is easy. He is protective of his girls, and how they feel and perceive things. His kids come first.
He is gainfully employed, and from what I can tell good at his job. Fiscal responsibility is so sexy!
Holds himself to a high standard, admitted that there were things he could have done better in his relationship, he is extremely hard on himself to be the best and the brightest. He is an over achiever, but modest about his successes. Seems like he is making an effort to learn from mistakes. Personal growth is also impressive.
His house is clean, sometimes he claims it’s messy, but a single dad of 3, it’s allowed! Again holding himself to a high standard.
I was over there one day and I could hear this scratching and jumping in the corner, I walked over and looked, there was a field mouse in the garbage can. Instead of killing it, he took it out to the edge of the driveway and let it go. likely it’ll be back in the garage before too long, but that kindness toward animals, even pests is admirable.
He contributes equally, brings over dinner, initiates text contact and is aware of making plans with me. He has met a few friends here and there, he is engaging, personable without stealing the spotlight, and has managed to find conversation topics, young and old. Really a delight to take places, no need for babysitting or corner sitting.
He is a solid stand up guy. I am enriched by having spent time with him.

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