A novella of a text

This is why I continue to blog… Because it keeps me sane, and if I help just one person make it thru a tough time… Count me in!

Hello! 😃 So I just read the blog again as I tend to do from time to time like any good stalker would do. Lol! First of all, you should write books!! Children’s books or any books for that matter! You always have the perfect word to describe the situation! Second of all, you’re my inspiration for getting through all the shitty hurdles that come along! I see a lot of the things you go through, and I’m like “hey! Yeah! She’s right! I can conquer this shit too!” I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re simply too bad ass to be strapped down by some non bad ass significant other! We need like an Oprah/ George Clooney/ Denzel Washington/ Angelina Jolie level of significant other to harness our everyday bad assery! Now that being said, this level of “other half” ain’t just gonna roll up on us like a freebie! We gots ta be earning it! And I think all these rough times are us “earning it” when we finally allow ourselves and our bad assery to be locked down, it’s gonna be with only the finest of the finest Grade “A” hottie! Like we deserve! So when you think you’re just pecking away at the keyboard, laying down the latest killer blog, just remember your high school Facebook friend from just a little north of you is looking to you as a strength and inspiration when those tough times come knocking! Hell, we’ve made it this far in life with our cool meters in tact and running on full, what’s a few more bumps and bruises along the way for a couple stone cold bad asses like us?! This thing called life, we got this, chicky! We got this indeed! Any day we don’t wake up dead is a gosh darn victory for us, and a sign to keep on keepin’ on!

Now, I think Goldy is pretty bad-assed A-class, and there are a few inside jokes in there, but overall, he brightened my day. I have the most fantastic family, and friends!


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