This is a welcome distraction

I hauled my scale out from behind my washing machine. Working out every day, and eating well, and still gaining weight (because of a hormone imbalance) I was FRIENDS OFF with my scale. I washed it off and put it on the sweet spot. 192lbs. Sweet jesus. I measured, bust is up half an inch, hips about an inch, but my waist in nearly 3. All in the belly, generally an indicator of stress or hormone issues. I have both. Arm, thigh and calf are all the same. I have a naturopath appointment tomorrow afternoon, I am looking forward to feeling better. Sleeping better, looking better. All this middle bulge makes me feel frumpy. Yes, I am the one who says fake it till you make it… but I can’t seem to push start that old car. Ok the food, its flavourful, and I love veggies. Already I miss fruit and nuts. And sugar… I stocked up a bit on some green and herbal teas, I know some of those green teas do have caffeine, but I’ll live. I am finding it hard to eat all these little meals. I thought I ate a fair amount, apparently not. I have made it thru 5 meals today, 2 more to go? It might not happen. Karma says her appetite increased around day 3. This will take all my determination and focus, which is good… hopefully I won’t be so sad…


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