What the heck is emotional health anyways?

I realized, physical health, easily deciphered, mental health, a little more abstract, but I understood what it was. Emotional health had me mystified. I spent a fair bit of time ignoring emotions. Not dealing with them, stuffing them down, willing myself to overcome them. So what seems to have happened was like a jack in the box, they have all come shooting out. From the reading I have done, emotional mental and physical health are interconnected, leaning up against one another like a teepee.

“Before taking your first step for improving emotional health, you must completely understand the meaning of the term “emotional health.” Emotional health is the ability to deal with the ups and downs of life. There should be a strong connection between your brain and your heart so that you are able to understand your feelings. You must be flexible about the changes of your life, and you must be able to accept them heartily. Improving emotional health is extremely important as our emotions motivate us to achieve our goals in life.”


“It is greatly imperative to let go of grudges and release hard feelings. Accumulating ill feelings will do nothing but cause emotional toxicity. Emotional poisoning awfully affects your physical health.”

Factors Affecting Emotional Wellness
There are various elements that can affect your emotional wellbeing. Some of these are:
Loss of a loved one (thru death, divorce, estrangement)
Natural disasters
Unfulfilled expectations
Setting unrealistic goals
Poor self-image or inferiority complex
Poor physical health

“Pulling yourself from the depths of despair can be slow, painful and difficult, but this is very essential for you to move on with life. Dealing proactively with the aforementioned factors can help foster wellness and influence your emotional wellbeing. Here are some suggestions that can help nurture your emotional wellbeing:

**Grieving from the loss of a loved one is a natural process. It is important to give yourself time to heal. You can turn to family and friends for support or find peace in your faith. You can also seek help from a grief counselor.
**Most of us suffer from various problems in life because of high expectations. Unrealistic expectations from family and friends, or with regard to career or business, invariably result in intense disappointment. Recognizing this truth and trying not to expect too much from life may help you cope with disappointments.
**Another important aspect in emotional wellbeing is setting realistic goals. Put your skills and abilities to the best use but recognize your limitations. It is helpful to be practical and play to your strengths. Try to reach to your ultimate goal one step at a time and celebrate small successes.
**To accept love from others, you need to first love yourself. A poor self-image could be a result of criticisms or negative judgment from elders during childhood. Overcoming this is especially tough, as this has been rooted in you since you were a child. It can be beneficial to tell yourself that no one is perfect. Focus on your good qualities and encourage yourself. It is very important to recognize bad situations that could trigger negative thoughts. Do not fight these, but accept them and deal with them.
**Positive thinking is the “vitamin” for emotional health. Keep yourself surrounded by those people who uplift you and make you feel good about yourself. Moreover, avoid blaming others for your problems and unhappiness. Remember, circumstances can influence your life, but a positive outlook can help you deal with them.

Mental and physical health are interconnected. A healthy diet, exercise, and good sleep can contribute to your emotional wellness. If you feel depressed and emotionally disturbed, then you should not feel embarrassed about talking to someone and asking for help. Consult a wellness coach or seek help from a therapist. Effective treatment can make you a productive individual of society.”

I combed thru a pile of websites researching “emotional health” and how to improve it. I did just score particularly low on a test… not like me… lol, I had to know why, so I can nail the re-test! Sadly I am only kind of kidding… The body of information to improve was, positive people around you, Thank you Cherise and Vanessa for being the shores of my river. The reason I get out of bed every morning. L&T for the date, Libs, Candace, Miss E, D, Karma, Goldy, Brooke, C, S, My bro and sister in law, my parents, and so many others! I’ve been awful needy… The web suggests yoga and or meditation, something I have been missing. Maybe because I need it most I have been so resistant to committing to it. It’s painful, not physically, but emotionally, hey big red flag that I should have been dealing with! The “intermission” I took from my ex, I did yoga 5 or 6 days a week. Again depressed, skinny, sad, but maybe the compulsive yoga helped me cope. I still didn’t feel better about myself. Something in the middle is probably where I need to fall to be healthy.
I think that the demise of my emotional health was holding onto old hurt. Not feeling good about myself and digging a hole to crawl into. Then covering up the hole with an insane amount of activity, work, 30 dates, etc. Now I have time to myself, I’m in this deep and damp hole, and it smells funny… Reasonably I should be able to cope, but I can’t.
I want to be clear, I do not blame anyone or anything for my current state. It wouldn’t do a lick of good helping me out of this rut, and would actually be damaging to my recovery. I am an adult, and I have made decisions about my interpersonal relationships, friends, work, relationships. I think I have put an extreme amount of pressure on myself for perfection, and letting yourself down is a root cause of emotional decay. This is not anyones fault, including my own. I am processing the sore spots and determining where I need to work first.
It starts with me. I have to find my inner bitch. And then let her loose. I need to cement the notion that the only thing I have ever done wrong in a relationship is stop putting myself first. That includes my relationship with myself. I am enough, and I will not quit until I am convinced this is a true statement. In fact I am more than enough…

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