I love…

What do I love? I seem to have been so wrapped up in work, and other people that I have lost touch. I’ve spent the last 2 years on my own, taking time for myself, being all about me, but have been doing a poor (at best) job. I found myself around 6 months post TE1 watching basketball on T.V. I would NEVER have done that 10 years ago, but there I was sitting on my half-a-couch watching something my ex did. I have a problem. I would winge about not loving the gym, but years ago, I went faithfully, even twice a day with one of my girlfriends. I realized it was him that didn’t love the gym. I have taken up biking. I don’t mind it, it’s good exercise, and it gets me outside (which I do enjoy) But I went biking with him, and then biked on my own so that I could keep up with him. I have a pile of great trails close to my house, but would rather run than bike. I’ve only biked 4 or 5 times in 2 years, not the 3-5 times a week I used to. And I don’t love to run. This I know is true. LOL.
I love Tea, all kids of tea, and hot beverages, Coffee is growing on me, but I need to add to it, I enjoy tea naked. I love whipping cream, I love eating healthy, and grocery shopping, I love grocery shopping. I’m a fan of shopping generally, browsing at least, looking at what’s out there, but I need to stay aware that retail therapy is short term bliss. I like shopping for other people. I love to gift, and find that perfect gift for someone. I like to get and send mail. Good old, head to the postoffice and pick up your package mail. I have an aunt that used to send me all the greatest stuff, and my great grandmother would send letters and post cards. I enjoy correspondence the old fashioned way. Plus it feels great to get a surprise, and something in the mail that isn’t a flyer or a bill! I want to give people that feeling, usually wrapped in crazy tape or covered in glitter.
I love to cook, big dinners, fancy dinners, healthy dinners, lunches, brunches and breakfasts. I like to assess and make things from scratch, try new recipes, or guide lines really, I’m not really great at being told what to do. I love to bake, cakes, bars and cookies. I do not enjoy any of this for myself. I wont eat the 3 dozen cookies I just baked, but I want to and love baking them! Same with dinner, I’ll eat a bowl of cereal despite having the skill to throw together something gourmet for just me. I enjoy the sharing action, and the people pleasing from these culinary acts.
I like to do new things. New restaurant? Yes. New aerobics class? Sure! Want to try inverted paddleboard yoga fusion (made up for now…) Heck yes. If it’s new and exciting I am in. I always try to have the newest and coolest products at the store, I like being a trail blazer. Maybe I am a secret hipster…
I love art. Art galleries, museums, theatre, live music, libraries. I made my ex take me to do tourist things when we went places, the places we went to for sporting events… I love tourist stuff, tours, displays, farmers markets. I am a fan of architecture, sculpture, painting. Romantic art is my fave, and Jack Vettriano specifically. I love the smell of books, I enjoy history, old buildings, antique furniture. I love lead crystal, and the way it will scatter prisms throughout a room when it is sun kissed. I have a vintage dress that is one of my prized possessions. It was balled up in a drawer of second hand store with a pile of table cloths. I dug it out, shook it off, and tried it on. It was like it was made for me. It may be the best $5 I have ever spent on a dress. I love to find a deal.
I love to learn, about new areas, useless facts, trivia. I love to research, read about things explore options, create an awareness, be informed. Maybe because I hate being bad at things.
I love music, all sorts, and again I’m always searching out the new and different. The stereo I bought myself when I was 13, broke last month… It won’t play CD’s any more… I tell you, when a stereo doesn’t last 20 years… LOL. I love gadgets, ipods, computers, apps, headphones, games, I am a bit of a techno dork. I love making “mixed tapes” burning CD’s for people. I love greeting cards, I have a box full of assorted subject matter cards, ready and waiting.
I love flowers, plants, trees, gardening, although I don’t have one. I am a nature lover, I enjoy being outside, looking at the stars, watching sunrises, and sunsets, storm clouds, snow, rain. All of it is breathtaking. One of the greatest things abut Goldy’s house was the big south facing windows that face into the valley. You could see weather rolling along the ridge, it was so quiet, and I bet the sunsets and stars… breathtaking. I love all the seasons, the tender eagerness of spring, the earthy warmth of fall, the crisp frost and sparkling snow of winter, and summer when everything is warm, the days are long. I love the cool sun rays reaching out at dawn, but my favourite time of day is when the shadows are long, and a rich, warm golden light blankets the earth. The light just before dusk. I love rose gardens, and deep cool forests (providing I have bug spray so I am not devoured)
I love organizing, and deep cleaning, alphabetizing, color coding, restoring or refinishing. I love that feeling of accomplishment. I love a challenge. I love a sense of order.
I love exercise, that muscle shake quiver when they are near failure, that lactic acid burn after a good workout, that tingle of stretching, the sweat, coming off places you didn’t even know you could sweat from. I love the long lean muscles you get from yoga, and the bliss, the physical exhaustion paired with an oxygenated body and a mental calm creates a high.
I love movies, I love movies even by myself. I love awkward situations, even If I’m in them. I love to watch people interact, people watching is the best, sometimes at the end of the night the house lights would come up and I would just watch the people in the club, drunk, happy, sad, trying to hook up, it was fantastic entertainment. Might be part of the appeal of Starbucks, the people watching.
I love motors, the smell of fresh oil, burning gas, new tires, and exhaust. I love the vibration and roar of a well tuned revving engine, the feeling when your back end is about to break loose, or the rush of a turbo kicking in. I love the glean of a freshly waxed paint, and the smell of high carnauba wax. The sparkle of clean glass and polished chrome, the smell of a wet chamois. I love to drive. Fast, slow, long distance, winding road, accelerating thru corners, I love having the window down so the air forces into the car and dances thru my hair. I love good car stereos, they don’t have to be loud, but a clean crisp sound. The car I have now sometimes has so much bass it makes my chest hurt. I love that.
I love Kids, all ages of kids, other peoples kids. I love kid activities, actually activities in general, and most kids are up for that, adults… not so much. I adore wonder and amazement. Stopping to smell the flowers at safeway, or picking out exotic fruits and vegetables. Learning about them, tasting them. I love play dough, coloring, drawing, reading, kids movies and learning. I love picking up rocks, braiding hair, getting dirty and playgrounds. Sandcastles, blocks, trains, cars, water fights, dress up, barbies, video games, trampolines. I love giggles, and snuggles, skipping and playing. I know kids aren’t all fun, but at this point I get to be fun.
I love dresses, new jeans, outrageous heels and new sneakers. I love dancing, like a dork, the sprinkler, lawnmower and the drill press. I have all the moves. I love slow dancing by candlelight. I love fresh sheets, and high thread count of course. I love hour long gab sessions, on the telephone, but only with a select number of people. I love long hot showers. I love coconut tree air fresheners. I love chocolate peanut butter ice cream, but not chocolate in ice cream, chocolate flavoured ice cream with peanut butter. I love a witty banter, and someone who can take being teased, I love big laughter and laughing until I get the hiccups. Snorts while laughing are pretty great too. I love the way your teeth feel after a polish at the dentist. I love turquoise blue, and hot pink. Crisp cotton and light flowing silk. I love phone cases, and animal print. The two combined is divine! I love disco balls, and bubble baths.
I love sporting events, but because it’s an activity, usually something or somewhere new, and the people watching is amazing. I love hotdogs with nacho cheese on them (I know… I know…) I love honey jack on ice, I love watermelon bubblegum, and fake banana flavoured stuff (runts, milk to go etc). I love to blog, the writing is relaxing and helps me work thru emotion and expression. I used to love waitressing… not sure if I still would? I love pin up girl photos and art, and polka dots. I love strippers, errr… exotic dancers I guess is the preferred term.
I have been challenged with finding more joy, doing things I love, daily. This is a start…


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  1. NolaM says:

    Yep..welcome back.

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