one of a kind

I need to eat first thing when I get up. My handful of supplements, homeopathic liquids, thyroid, adrenals and multi vitamin make me feel nauseated if I don’t take them with food. I think the main culprit is the multi vitamin, but I don’t want to place blame. I woke up today, and it is warm… I sat at my kitchen table naked doing a beer order and watching Dr.Oz. Does his show ever have anything that isn’t about weight? Don’t get me wrong, I’m fascinated, and have learned things, but it seems like that’s his gig, obesity is a pandemic I suppose. I like that I learn about the body, and then Dr. Phil comes on and deals with relationships. Last week there was a great episode dealing with severe dysmorphia. It is one of those things under treated along with depression. Anyways… naked, working at my kitchen table, and I think, shoot, she may be busy today at the store, and the phone will be mostly for me, reps stopping in…and all other sorts of craziness, so even though I could get an entire days work done here at home naked… I should go in for a few hours… I rush around, have a quick shower, eat a nectarine, pack some lunch and get dressed, I eye up the assortment of pills lined up for me and then make the gamble and take them, planning on eating some flax oatmeal when I get to the office. It’s only 15 minutes, 20 at most before I can eat.
On my way to work, the low fuel light comes on and I stop to fill up my car, just a couple more minutes… no big deal… Well… at this point I don’t feel great, I swiped my card and gagged, selected my fuel type and gagged again. Trying to take deep breaths, like distracting my body with full lungs would help… I abandon the gas pump and brace myself over the garbage can. This is gonna happen… I threw up with class and dignity, mid day, at a gas bar. And as I turn my head to press my mouth against my arm I realize I probably should have shaved my armpits. Fortunately if anyone noticed, they were more appalled by the vomit than the hair. Another one of my finest moments.
I had a great weekend, busy, but jam packed with all sorts of awesome. The night out with the girls friday night left me with sore abs from laughing. We hobnobbed with hipsters, then hip hoppers. We had some spectacular people watching and then gracefully declined a motel after party. I always have a good time with R, she is a genuine person, kind, funny, easy going. Someone who inspires me, and I feel like she helps me roll out the shine. Saturday was another day filled with greatness, shopping with D, a phone date with Libs, coffee and reading in the sun, a surprise birthday party, a house party and some dorky dancing at the bar. I did sneak out early because I had to work the next morning, but a day filled with people and parties and fun. Sunday was a barn burner at work, insanely busy, but fun. Cherise was going to come down sunday night to visit me, but instead I went up to her house. It worked out because then I got to visit Goldylocks in the hospital. He is still waiting on surgery for his shattered leg. Monday was time with Cherise, a little kid fun with Miss M and a good visit with Goldy, wrapped up with a decent night at work. All in all a fantastic weekend.
I am still struggling, mornings are hard, I could stay in bed, but I feel better getting up and starting my day. I’m getting a little better every day… bit by bit. I still have a kink in my neck, and an intermittent sore throat, Hopefully the naturopath has an answer. I know now, 15min is too long to wait to eat after taking my pills.


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