I need to tone down the hair tossing

I have had a kink in my neck for 2 weeks. No, three… Since starting on homeopathic remedies for my thyroid, blocked 5th chakra, nervous tension, and supplements for my haywire thyroid, I have had a sore throat, a head cold, a kink in my neck, which got better, another sore throat, and then the kink came back, but with back up… both side are tender and sore. I scheduled a massage with the R.M.T. that works out of my naturopath office. An hour, and I knew it wasn’t going to be all aromatherapy and soft music. I need serious work. Years of waitressing, has left me with tight shoulders, I hold my tension in them, and with a blocked chakra (my throat chakra) I have been holding tension in my neck as well. Basically I’m a mess from my earlobes to the bottom of my shoulder blades. I told the RMT that I was having issue with my neck, and about the thyroid treatment, but not about my blocked chakra or the intense emotional work I have been doing.
He asked me a few questions, I geared down, and slipped under the sheet onto the massage table. There’s something comforting about having your face smushed into the horseshoe shaped holder, even when you are lying naked under a sheet with a stranger pushing on you. He worked on my neck, and I breathed thru the pain, I could feel his kneading down into my mid back, he worked his way down to the hip and outer ass, It’s a hard area to relax! When it came time to flip over I skillfully tucked and rolled, I often envision falling off of the table, maybe because I’m not super coordinated, or maybe because I think it would be slapstick funny. Naked girl falling off a table… hahha! He worked on the sides of my neck and I tried to remember to breathe and not scowl, last thing I need is wrinkles! It was a long 60 minutes… When he was done I re dressed and we talked a bit. He says “I have a LOT going on” asked if I had suffered whiplash, because the neck and shoulders exhibited that sort of injury. Whiplash… interesting… I am prone to violent sleeping, and have taken my hair tossing fairly seriously… But I haven’t been out dancing like a dork or excessively flirting for quite some time. He said “I think many of us put stuff there, you may have a blocked chakra…you should focus on speaking your truth”. Well what do you know, I’ve heard that now a couple times! I laughed and said “Yeah I’ve heard that may be the case”
How does one “speak their truth”? I think I am fairly candid, I do have a filter, and I don’t want to be an asshole about it…
I have an exercise that I have been putting off. I am supposed to write down the 5 areas of my life, my career, money, relationship with others, health, and my relationship with myself. The last one is a heart in the centre. Then I am supposed to sit in front of a mirror and talk to myself, writing down the ways that I think I have not been honest with myself. Then go thru each one digging deeper. Afterwards I am to enlist a friend or two, and I need to verbalize the ways I think I have not been honest. They just need to listen at first, afterwards I need to ask them what they see, how I am, or am not being honest with myself. No easy feat, and all the while I am supposed to thank myself and love myself for doing this hard work. Not become defensive, or judge. So far I have been avoiding the task. I know it’ll be a half a box of kleenex. Will it help me to “speak my truth” maybe… maybe it will also miraculously cure my emotional whiplash. Maybe it will also clear up the heat rash I have between my boobs. That last one might be reaching…

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