Compassionate… Remember??

Pity party… table of one. I had a rough day. Didn’t sleep well last night, couldn’t shut my mind off, and then was up at 4:30 for no good reason. I went for a massage yesterday, the therapist said my neck looked better, I hold my stress there, but that he wasn’t going to miraculously cure me, so I should asses the cost versus what I need. I told him about the kink I had last week, he was sure it had more to do with my emotional work, than sleeping on the couch.
I have friends going thru shit storms, Miss E was hiking with her pups and one was bit by a rattlesnake, the poor guy didn’t make it, and she is suffering grief and loss, he was her family.
I have other friends off work, injured, in pain, suffering, experiencing all sorts of health scares, all things far worse than my problems. L texted that I should stop comparing myself to others. That if I was feeling low, or sad other people having problems doesn’t diminish how I feel. I was not being compassionate to myself. After work I made it down for a coffee, and then a quick gym session with Karma. I stopped into look at my new place, an visit a bit, I am so excited… Time to pack…
Lunch today was good…

High protein, and full of omega 3 to help my brain, and my mood!


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