Nearly moved

I survived the busiest weekend of the year at work.  Most of my junk has been moved, now I need to unpack and organize.  Having stuff everywhere drives me crazy.  I have so much more room now, it’s actually astounding.  I have a glorious lady-boner type closet, and storage space as well.  On top of it, two loving wiener dogs, and fantastic house mates.  I had help moving, and managed to fit in a few girl dates as well, SUP-ing with Karma and her friend, Alan Jackson and a night out with the lovely Brooke, Beach and a beer with S, and C came down for a diner/ice cream girl date.  Unfortunately today I have a sore throat.  I’m sore and tired.  You know that dull ache when you feel like you might get sick?  I have that.  Tonight after work I missed the gym, did a little unpacking just to get thru a few days, and now I’m headed to bed.   Downtime… what a novel concept… nighty night.


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