108 things I like about myself, not an easy exercise!

Self sufficient, Strong, Smart, The color of my eyes, the color of my hair, freckles, my teeth, the three birthmarks/beauty marks on my thigh, ankle, and face (even if the one on my face has started sprouting hairs…. hahaha), kind, intuitive, leader by example, always learning, open to new ideas/ways to do things, working on myself, healthy eater, fast reader, organized, great memory, strong willed, loyal, thoughtful, excellent parallel parker (I love the angles of it), forgiving, good listener, compassionate (and practicing being more-so with myself), small feet, flexible (I can grab my ankles and put my head on the floor), the lines when I flex my triceps, the resting line of my quad on my thigh, I still have great boobs, not hairy, the wave/curl in my hair, helpful, empathetic, good cook, good baker, shopping for others, wrapping gifts, good writer, I like my loopy scrolling handwriting, fine skin generally blemish free, funny, the sound of my voice, large vocabulary, really great at dancing like a dork-no shame, spit like a hockey player (is that good?), the sound of my laugh, not a big drinker, stubborn, responsible, good friend, long arms (extra ape index here), pretty/feminine without being prissy, easy-going, not a flake I keep plans/promises, good yoga form (I was told), shapely legs and dainty ankles, I can flex my chest muscles and move my boobs (yes party trick), I can do real pushups, hourglass figure, soft skin, tidy, multi-tasker, personable, conversational, able to discuss topics with a wide subject matter, can admit when I’m wrong/made a mistake, know when it’s time to keep my mouth shut, persuasive, good at reading people, I know how to order at starbucks (a 1st world skill for sure), Able to get ready quick, don’t wear a lot of makeup, detach from others behaviour, not easily embarrassed, not easily angered, calm, cool, when I do get angry on a rare occasion- I turn into a human thesaurus, using big words, I pay my bills/debits, generally I’m okay with my money, generous, I’m hip with the latest gadgets- a bit of a dork, Great Bartender- waitress (or I was…), people like me, I keep friends for a long time, I can draw- paint, vast and varied musical interests, great under pressure, calm and thoughtful in emergencies, able to think outside the box to solve problems, fast walker, animals usually love me, I’m great with kids, patient, my hair and nails grow fast, I take good care of my teeth, flossing regularly, good at reciprocating, motivated/active (mostly), flirting- I used to be good at it, humble, take more than my fair share of blame and give more credit at work, thankful, Introspective, almost done my list (really like this about myself), willing to work to solve problems instead of denying or ignoring them, good body awareness, I can roll my belly (another party trick), clear loud and comfortable public speaker, trustworthy, reliable, I look great in baby pink or turquoise blue.
I put this exercise off for weeks, it took an hour, and there’s some overlapping qualities like stubborn and determined, many superficial, but I feel better about myself, something I recommend everyone try!!

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