Making goals, because there is more to life than being really really good looking.

I was out with friends last week, We were chatting about dating, and how online has it’s ups and downs, but how do you engage people without being creepy? He asked me “What do you like to do?” So many tough questions…
Now the scope of my codependency is deep. I have had a few goals the last couple years, lose my depressed weight, move, feel better. But other than that? I was a parasite, clinging onto my ex’s goals, he wasn’t interested in what I was, and my dreams were discarded, by me. I adopted his goals and dreams, and like an un watered plant, mine shrivelled and died.
I need goals. Hobbies. I wrote down some things I liked a couple months ago, in order to try to find some joy. I need to go deeper.
Dreams and goals, short term and long, and basically I’m starting from scratch. When I was a teenager I wanted to go see U2 in concert (which I did actually do!), and take a trip to Ireland (un related but funny U2 is from ireland…). I also wanted to go to Ibiza, but I may be too old and smart for that one now…
I want to get my bike license. I don’t have a bike, but the idea appeals to me, I also wanted to get my class 4 at one point, just so I could drive all my friends around in a bus. Not sure there is a need for that any more. I want to be involved with kids, volunteer? I don’t have a list yet, but I am aware of the need for one. No more parasite, I will do what I want… it’s a scary and freeing notion.


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