I broke it, busted my thyroid. Hope I can get a new one on sale…

I hit a jag this week. It was a tough one. Maybe I took my training wheels off too soon. I scrubbed out.
Mid week I had a mysterious “we need to talk” text from my friend K, and I immediately went to the place where he needed something from me (co-dependent me). Turns out, he was worried he hadn’t heard from me in a while, and I felt like an asshole. I am reading “The power of now” -Ekhart Tolle and having a hard time getting thru it. I went down to the beach to read, made it thru 2 chapters, and then just chilled, people watched, water watched, hung out. I texted Van, who has read the book, “I’m nailing this…” Mouth breathing. It did make me feel a little better. Full moon and I was feeling tired and cranky. I had some insane graphic dreams, including one where I was being assaulted by a faceless man, and Goldy saved me (thank goodness!). I have been a mosquito buffet, 12 new bites including a big one on my back up chin. Oh, and a head cold lurking around from last week. I cried and slept more this week. It was awful.
I ran out of thyroid supplements. I couldn’t get in to see my naturopath until the first week of september and she wants to hook me to the REBA again to see where I’m at. I ran out of thyroid stuff, and figured since I have been doing so well with my hormones… Big mistake. I am not cured. I am tired, and tearful, my hair is coming out again. I am craving sugar and bread. I slept for 10 hours last night, and could have a nap right now.
Your thyroid is a hormone producing, butterfly shaped fleshy bit in your neck. It contributes to metabolism, energy, and your body’s sensitivity to other hormones.

Apparently mine is busted. It means that I have to be sure to keep taking my supplements, unfortunately they are out at the office, so I have a lesser grade that I picked up at the health food store. It’s a hereditary flaw, having both my mother and my paternal grandmother with a history of issues, so It’s possible I had faulty original equipment, and didn’t actually break it. I’ll take comfort in that..

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