Silence is golden?

I have not spoken to anyone today. Almost, I did buy some fruit at the market, and ordered my starbucks. I have not had a conversation with anyone today. It’s an odd thing to realize, 7:30 pm and I haven’t spoken. I have spent the entire day by myself, a little forced loneliness. Just me alone, and making an effort not to get tangled up in my thoughts. It takes real effort not to let my thoughts run circles around me, they are quick, my thoughts, and excellent at tying intricate knots. I have text messaged, and facebook, so I haven’t been entirely alone… connected while unconnected. Or maybe that should be the other way around?
I slept in, showered, dressed and went to the market, I strolled the streets, eating my waffle, and watching people. I had a tea, blogged, and did some work. I strolled about a while longer, went for a drive, looked at furniture, and then headed back to starbucks, I read, I people watched, I went to a matinee. I saw “We’re the Millers” and my laughter sounded loud and foreign. I got some froyo and wandered downtown, there is a triathalon tomorrow, and when you think of the thousands of people that will be packed into those same 10 blocks just a few hours from now it is eerily empty.
I am feeling weird, not talking all day is an impressive feat for those of you that know me, I regularly engage and chat with strangers. It was a reflective day, and a conundrum as I was trying to be “in the now”. Thoughtful and peaceful without thought. It feels stormy… outside, and inside. But growth is never easy, right?

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