Not the best start

I am consoling myself with a cupcake. So far, I have been stood up once, been on an anti climactic date, discovered I was friends with one mans ex wife, been propositioned a couple times, been asked to help one man move, met one guy in a parking lot… who looked MUCH older than his profile said, Had one guy send me 38 text messages full of random questions, and been told I was a rare precious creature. Yes, creature, he ment well, but came off a little creep. I made my profile picture private for now. Mostly so that I can go on and peruse profiles without being inundated. I have to do things differently than I did before if I want different results. I also need to remember, my intent was to just see what was out there… That I would have a profile, but not necessarily go on a single date. My feeling of self worth, and attractiveness have no bearing on wether or not I have any POF mail. As someone who seeks out external validation, that is hard to remember. I am making an effort to balance out girl dates to keep me same. Making time for myself. Dating should be fun, dating should be fun. Dating should be fun…


One thought on “Not the best start

  1. monkeysmom2 says:

    You get what you pay for! Try eharmony, seriously worth the money, look how well it worked out for Gary and I. POF is full of weirdo’s, all the free sites are. You deserve better than Grandpa’s and creepy snake stranglers. Love you.

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