Life decisions made while sitting in my car.

I am smart. I solve problems. I am organized (serial killer organized I’ve been told, I think that’s good??) I am personable. I am well read, I read quickly and retain. I have an excellent memory, and attention to detail. I went on a date earlier on the week, I’m not sure he meant to, but he made me feel like a dummy. I said I had it pretty good at work, but it wasn’t challenging, staff is the most challenging part of my job. He asked what I wanted to do? (like when I grow up and go back to school?) Maybe I am over sensitive, and this is my own insecurity peeking out, but managing a high volume retail store isn’t a career? I guess not if I am not challenged.
That sweet sweet 22 year old asked me what I would do if money was no object. I think he may have been looking for ideas… haha. When I told him what I was thinking he said, no, bigger, think bigger. Amazing how basically the same question with a different delivery made me feel entirely different about myself. And the 22 year old nailed it while the 33 year old failed.
I was half way thru my teaching degree, I didn’t stop going to school for any other reasons but money, and school was cutting into my sleep time. I would have had to pay for two more years of school, and then take a pay cut to be a teacher after bartending. Sad statement of the world that selling booze earns you more cash than moulding and teaching our youth. I have managed to earn a decent living doing what I do, without a certificate. I was hired by a multi million dollar company, and paid more than any other store manager. I am expensive, but worth it. I can increase your profit margin, reduce your labour and turn over, clean and organize a store so it is inviting and fun. Sales reps love me because I remember and make good on promises made, and as a result my stores get more “stuff” tastings, samples swag, which makes the customer happy… and the store busier. I have been “stolen” from other companies, every time getting an extra perk, some little, some big. I get full responsibility, and the freedom to make decisions independently. Like working for myself without the risk of working for myself. I have it pretty good.
But what I do everyday is not challenging, it gets busy, and staff have issues, but that’s about it. The formula is simple, buy low, sell high, be the best in your market, wether it’s in selection, price, service, location, or hours. Play your strengths. Shouldn’t I be doing the same? Playing my strengths? I am organized, efficient, and problem solving. A few months ago I was offered a job, and when I read thru the list of qualifications and traits needed, it described me to a T. I was thinking this morning of messaging the guy. So sitting in the front seat of my car I decided that I would undertake some online courses, and reading. These grown up life decisions are scary.


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