Got to have faith

I had a feeling… I had had a conversation with a man on POF. He seemed like a decent human being, but with a social age of approx 12. Maybe he was nervous, he seemed high energy… he would barrage me with text messages, rapid fire questions, what’s my favourite color, what’s my second favourite color. He had a struggling business, a retail job to pay the bills, was in the middle of moving, and from what I could tell was a bit of a mess. If I didn’t respond right away to his texts he would then send me POF messages. Talk to this man about world issues, the impending war in syria, demise of the financial system, youth in distress, he was articulate and interesting. Anything else was bouncing around at a dizzying pace. He has had a dozen jobs in the last 2 years, constantly on the move, and was throwing out activities like dumping out a box of smarties. I debated not meeting him, but I really wanted one of the products he was selling, flashing LED shoe laces, how cool would those be at the gym?? Cherise and Karma would obviously also need some. So I had to meet him.
Being sick all week I asked if we could tone down the meeting to a casual coffee and walk. Although the goal was not full volume back to back dating, It seems to have run away from me a bit, and in the last week, have had 10 dates. Good grief… Anyways, not prepared to spend much more than an hour on a date.
He was running late, and I was left milling around the park waiting for him. When he did show up, he had posted old pictures. I would guess a couple years old, this is fine, but why would you initially set your self up for mis-representation? The second thing I noticed was the cross hanging from his left earring, just on the one side, all I could think of was George Michael. Made it easy to smile… We chatted and walked, well, he chatted, jumping from story to story. He was sweet, had been late because he had stopped to buy my a box of chocolates. This was a first, first date chocolates, I thanked him, it was a sweet gesture. I purchased the flashing laces, and I walked him to his car. I thought he was lovely, but not for me, trying to be compassionate and kind, but honest and firm. I have to have faith… I got to have faith… I got to have faith faith faith faith faith…


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