Seven… seven dates in 2 days.

Not all of them were actual dates. One was a parking lot chat and reconnect, one was dinner with my friend K (who will get an entire post this week, I don’t know what I would do without him…) One was coffee with a man, who disclosed near nothing about himself, married? Maybe… It was odd and refreshing to not have to lead a conversation. One was breakfast with Bree and the cute boy from the gym. I think it was my favourite of the non-date dates. It was earlier saturday morning, I went downstairs to meet the cute boy from the gym and Bree was chilling on the couch, she gets up early. I told her where I was going, and asked if she wanted to join, I mean, what man would say no to a threesome? Haha… I texted him, he was cool with it, and we had a breakfast party. He is smart and funny, personable, and cute, which always helps. He teased me about the 22 year old, we talked about a variety of things, had an easy good time, no awkwardness that can happen with threesomes. At one point he was teasing me, I have a LOT of animal print, zebra, leopard… I told him I preferred leopard, his reply was that made sense, I was more predator than prey. Makes me smile… it’s a true statement. He bought us breakfast and we went our separate ways, Bree agrees with me, the cute boy from the gym is pretty fantastic.
We wandered the market a bit after breakfast and things were good. My sore throat was almost gone. I had a naturopath appt in the afternoon saturday. It was revealing. I feel rejected. Deeply rejected and jealous. Her assessment was that those emotions, which I couldn’t even express at first were what was causing my sore throat, swollen tonsils, even the fever. My GP called today and the swab she took was negative for strep. I have a mess of new homeopathic remedies, and an electro tap therapy to help soothe my raw rejection. I have some tapping and writing to do. I am caught up with the first flood of POF dates, just one more man that wants to meet. But I have no time this week to date… I need to deal with this emotion.

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