My magical Vagina

I cooled it a bit on the internet dates this week. Thank goodness because last week was excessive. Besides, do I want a boyfriend? Really? I don’t know, I always pick men that are emotionally or physically unavailable. Feels normal. I haven’t ever come first on a priority list.
This was apparent when I got sick. I texted that adorable 22 year old that had his tongue in my mouth that I had a sore throat, I might have strep, did he give it to me? Did I give it to him? If he had a sore throat he should probably see his Dr. I get back a text that says “you are close to me”, (geographically) “want to have lunch?” It was a thursday afternoon. I asked him, what about work? Everyday life responsibilities? He was sure he could come up with something to make it work. I tell him I am sick, and he still wants to see me. Drop everything and see me. I was insanely flattered and terribly uncomfortable by it all. My ex wouldn’t even pause the PVR’ed sports program to spend time with me. No way Goldy could or would be able to clear an afternoon for me. This guy must think I have a magical vagina. Or maybe the power is in the labia? Maybe this is how you are supposed to be treated in the beginning of a relationship? I think I had some of that waayyyy back at the start with my ex? I must have. So if I am looking for a man who works or lives in another town so I have more time to myself, maybe I should just take the time to myself? Hoooo, lightbulb! And start off slowwwwww. Glacier slow, dates, breakfast dates are the best for seeing someone you really like. It sets the tone for the rest of your day. And I really like going out for breakfast.
I did have a few dates lined up, remnants from the initial flood of POF messages. One I forgot to call… I was a little flustered after a meeting. I should message him tonight, completely forgot about him, or maybe I just leave it alone, I did forget about him. Another texted me to see if we could push back our meet time a bit, I agreed, and then he was late. Not excessively late, a couple minutes. But that was enough. My time is valuable, and he had already used up 30 min by pushing back the time. At 2 minutes after I put my bag in the car, sent him a text message that I had things to do, and saw him pull into the parking lot. He jumped out and apologized for being late, I said it was no problem as I actually had quite a lot to do, and a date would put me behind. Maybe we could re schedule. I was waffling between sticking to my plan to bail or staying, he was cute. Pictures were recent, and we have had some great conversations via text. He is funny, and Indian? From India, or somewhere middle eastern. I have always had a bit of a thing for that caramel skin, and beards, I like beards. I like to look at them at least, those dark men, I don’t agree with how many of those cultures treat women. But is our culture any better, really? Rape, violence and discrimination is wide spread here too. Anyways… cute, and personable. He apologized again, gave me a hug, kind of scooped me up off the side walk so just one toe was left on the ground. We chatted a couple minutes and I stuck to my guns and left. No man likes a girl who is a doormat, he was late. I would give him another chance, if he was willing to work for it.
He hugged me again, I think just wanted to press against my boobs. But, I’ll take the action. And I hopped back in my car, he called after me, “Those shoes are great” Not sure when he had the time to give me an up-down. He texted me 4 minutes later, He was again sorry for being late, and my profile pictures had done me no justice. I was far prettier in real life. Oh… he is good at this! Exceeding expectations, kinda my thing. We have rescheduled for next week, but I feel like he just sees me as a sexual object. As flattering as that is, I don’t need the soulless banging that goes along with being a sexual object. It is neither fulfilling or healthy. Maybe after more that a few minutes together I’ll have a better idea.
I haven’t gotten any “dick pics” from this batch of dates. I have gotten a handful of artful bare torso-chest-lower abdominals. One guy who works up north is aching to send me a cock shot, but I have told him I do not want them. Keep a little mystery buddy… and again, no doubt he finds me attractive, and likely a sexual object. I refuse to reciprocate sexy pics, sending him scenery, or dorky face making shots, but he is relentless. Maybe desperate is abetter word. Hahahahaha. He was telling me that he was quite happy with the “inches” he had, I replied that it didn’t really matter, I hadn’t measured but was pretty sure I had an average sized vagina. I didn’t need any special equipment specs. I don’t think he appreciated the obvious humour and dry sarcasm of that comment. And for the record I didn’t give him my phone number, he had it from last fall when we went on a date. I had sabotaged the date a bit, or MrNRN had, and I felt like the guy was looking for a “2 week contract girl”. Look at me… called it…
I bar tended a wedding last night. I had so much fun, My friend from high school got married and asked If I would tend the festivities, I was an expert after all, bartending my way thru bartending. I was excited, and hopeful there might be a couple single men! It was more of a seeing old friends night, which is far more fun. Really great to catch up a bit, and it felt good to pour drinks, I do enjoy drunk people. One guy was hanging around the bar- flirting a bit, likely more than a “bit” if I actually noticed it happening? The grooms dad (or step dad?) was at the bar demanding we guess his age, I guessed it, and I asked him to guess mine. He said 26-28? I laughed, no, I was 34. The flirty guy says “that is a bold face LIE”. No, I went to high school with the bride. Technically 33 for another month. Mr flirty is 27. He made himself scarce after that. Hahaha. Maybe its my magical vagina that keeps me looking young.

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