I spoke too soon. After my last post I got a dick pic. Literally minutes after. He had sent me torso, naked from the side, open coveralls, in a towel, under a sheet. I told him I liked surprises and had no need of a penis picture. He forgot, or he is a bad listener, either way, not good. No means no, right?
It’s an impressive piece of equipment, Bree mentioned he should put it up against something so we (I guess it was just for me, however…you send me an unsolicited dick pic I will show it to my roommate, and just about anyone else who wants to see. I ask for a picture, it is just for me!) could compare size, like a wine bottle, or maybe a ruler. It looked angry, rigid and a shade of purple, maybe it was just the light. I bet he has boner mood lighting. What do you say in response to a cock shot? I didn’t reply until the next day. I wanted to respond in a matter that was funny, at least for me because I feel as he has little or no sense of humour, but not belittle the fact that he had not respected my wish to NOT have a penis picture sent. Although mild, he had sexually violated me. Raped my eyeballs via my phone screen. Made my phone feel dirty, and my phone shares pictures with my ipad, so it’s been violated now too.
When I did respond, the next day, I hadn’t heard from him in the longest stretch since he initiated sexting. My response was
“looks like you had your hands full, must be why I haven’t heard from you. Did you want a picture of my labia in return?” Of course this I would not do, for someone I have been with, in a relationship, sure, why not, some stranger? I don’t feel like it’s my best side.
He replied “is that where you want me?”
Ugh, I WANT him to leave me alone… I WANT him to go stick his dick in a blender…
“No, A girl needs a little mystery, who wants to open a present if they already know what’s in the box? Or what would be in the box haha. You didn’t respect my wish and I won’t see someone who doesn’t respect me.”
Radio silence… brilliant. I may attach the picture to his contact info, so I know, and I have a picture to pull out and laugh at when I’m feeling low. Maybe I should print out copies and dress it up, penis rocket, penis skyscraper, penis submarine, penis elton john caracature, penis beyonce, are you ready for this jelly??? I feel a christmas card coming on…. Penis SANTA!!! or maybe it could be the sleigh.

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