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I’m blogging out of order, I had a great date yesterday, but I wanted to have a little pity party after tonights main event.
I am tired, I stayed up late last night, after work I went for a run, showered and headed down to starbucks. I was chatting with one of my fave girls and didn’t have time to write last nights date. Chatting with her tonight was enlightening, she asked if I was on a date last week, yeah… she said it was funny because there was a definite lack of chemistry, (yep) She could tell by MY body language I wasn’t overly into him. Interesting… Anyways, she is all for me doing the majority of my dating there, maybe I’ll make them cards so they can rate the men, attractiveness, politeness, ability to order a half caf nonfat macchiato. She gave me her phone number tonight in case I need a drink after tomorrow nights date. Yes girl date, I got a girls phone number tonight.
My date tonight was cute, 41, looked it, relatively attractive, ex military on a disability pension. But… he was hard to talk to. Awkward. And reminded me mannerism wise of my brother. I could NEVER make out with this man. Never ever. And he kept looking past me, down the street. And he shrugged a lot. And 40 minutes felt like a long time. And why didn’t I just say no?
After that I went to my car. I drove directly to Burger King. It is whopper wednesday. I drove along eastside road to a dark and secluded area. I put on a great playlist, laid on my car, ate my whopper, sang along between bites and looked at tonights harvest moon and stars. I then drove the long way home, listening to my music way too loud. I felt better. 45 minute date with myself. And it was just how I like it.

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