nice guy ninja

I think 3 dates a week may be too many. I need to clean my bathroom, fold and put away last weeks laundry, wash this weeks laundry, catch up the blog on my amazing monday night date, vacuum, water my plants… they look sad, clean out my car, I still have an overnight bag and a box of jam (unrelated) from last weekend, I have to apply a facial mud mask, the thoughtful resting my chin in my hand while listening to my date talk has caused a break out, or the stress of dating maybe? I need to make a couple fairly large life decisions requiring some blog time and a list. And I still haven’t seen this weeks episode of SOA. Shit. And TV starts to get good again. Man… plus this work thing I am required to attend in exchange for a pay cheque and the gym to compensate for the beer/wine/coffee consumption. (and general good feelings, the gym keeps me sane.)
Tonights date has been especially patient waiting 2 weeks for an hour of my time. Not a big conversationalist, the majority of our correspondence has been 1-5 words. At most. In fact when I texted this guy, I called him the wrong name… I’m classy like that. I thought it was Tim… actually was Travis (not really I can’t tell you his real name without consent). I wasn’t particularly looking forward to tonight, I had made sure to only have an hour available. 3 dates in a week, in a row. Too much.
Travis was actually great. Better looking than his profile picture. Conversational in real life. I started in on the questions and conversation topics, he stopped me and requested I tell him more about me. He looked intently at me the entire time. Great guy. I liked him. Nice guy-came out of nowhere, sneaky ninja! Requested another hour of my time, maybe next week? I’m booking into thursday now… Makes me sound like an asshole. 4 minutes after our date he texted me to tell me I was beautiful, sweet, and an amazing person. Well shucks. He also told me that I was better looking in person than my profile pictures. That’s the second time in a week I have heard that. Maybe I need different pictures? Makes me a pretty girl ninja! I should change my headline. “Better looking in real life”

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