head scratchers.

This week I have skillfully avoided any dates. I have been texting, a few of my faves, and a new one, My first set up! We have a breakfast date friday, I am especially looking forward to. Nice guy ninja sends me one or two word texts all day every day, but I have managed to put him off. I have had some great girl dates, done a little research on my possible career change. It’s nice, this is good, dating without the frenzy. I had a dinner date with the King, went to the banff film feature with Karma, a cannery stage play with R is on the agenda for tomorrow, and then after my breakfast date, a liquor event with the King again. The cute boy from the gym, (who needs a better name) Is having a birthday this weekend, but will not be in town.
I feel good. Really good. A little anxious, but just because I am contemplating the future, and a rather large unknown. I should do some yoga.
Just wanted to share a couple head scratchers with you all, my lovely readers (we surpassed 15,001 all time views this week, which is amazing.) The lewd cock shower strikes again. Remember last week? I told you about an unsolicited penis picture? Well I hadn’t heard from him since until today. He texted and messaged me from his new POF account, why do people do this? So they stay a new user? So they can’t be blocked? Crazy. Anyways, text messages me. And I simply reply by sending him back his penis picture with a caption “is this you?” I am hilarious. He doesn’t get it. He seems smug that I have kept the picture, and I told him it was his contact picture. He wants a sexy picture of me for my contact info. Nope.
POF profile pictures… there are the usuals, with a hat and sunglasses, from a decade ago, shirtless in front of a mirror flash over the face. But this is my favourite. This man loves his cat. That’s great, love your pets. I get that. But a picture of you in bed? While your cat licks your face? Looks like the cat is being forcibly confined to maximize face licking time. Poor exploited cat. Just too much…


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