The set up

I have been set up! I guess face raper was a bit of a set up too, or a mutual friend meeting… This was a bonafide, we got this guy we want you to date scenario.
A couple weeks ago I was wondering around the farmers market on a glorious saturday. I got a facebook message, a couple girl friends had this guy, he worked with the husband of one, and had been over entertaining and making dinner for them both. I guess the two of them got to plotting this guy needed to be set up, with someone awesome, but instead they thought of me! (kidding, honestly kidding, I’ve been known to pull off amazing from time to time). He lives a couple hours away, and has 2 kids, but a regular schedule with them, he is funny, employed, could they give him my number? I replied right away with a sure why not, and then thought for a min. I am supposed to be more choosy. Ask questions, and only spend date time with people I like. I forgot for a minute. So I reply with some questions, they answer them for me, and I ask his name. Well what do you know… I know his ex wife, or I know of her. I am friends with her cousin. Good friends, he is one of my favourite people in the world. We have been on trips together, I have rescued him from the hospital, and we have exchanged novella length heartfelt texts. He is my rock, like the king of richter, a man that always always has my back. I have never heard him say anything bad about his cousins (now ex) husband. So if he is okay with there being that tie, yes we can go out. I tell the girls to have him look at my facebook to see if he is interested. Already done.
He starts texting me, later that day, we chat about this and that, he is funny via text, smart, loves his kids, we like a bunch of the same things, movies, TV, we have a pile in common. We texted all week, not being able to make a date until the following friday. I texted our mutual friend



We were going to meet for coffee, then it was up graded to lunch, and it evolved into breakfast. That’s right I like him enough to have a breakfast date. It could potentially effect my entire day. As usual my trip to kelowna was over scheduled. I had more things crammed into what would be physically reasonable for the time allotted.
He met me, on time, was waiting for me, with a single, coral colored long stem rose. Sweet. We went inside and grabbed a table. This is when I spring on him my parents will be stopping by, they are picking up a few things to take to calgary. Yep, my parents are going to crash this first date. We chat a bit, he is smart, funny, I like him. My parents stop in and stay for a coffee. He is personable enough to hold his own. I haven’t asked M&D what they thought yet…
We have breakfast and continue to chat. A little coles notes life story exchange. And some story telling about our mutual friend. It was fun. But the date wasn’t over…
Remember a few weeks ago I went on a date with the guy who had the flashing shoe laces? And George michael earring? Yep, well Cherise wanted some laces for her dance kids, and I had agreed to pick them up for her, but wasn’t sure how I would get them to vernon… This guy works in vernon… We used him as a shoe lace mule. After breakfast, I took him to a second location, we stopped at a bank, and then out to “get the stuff” A shopping bag full of flashing laces, that he would take to work, and Cherise would then stop by his work to pick them up.
Apparently it wasn’t the worst date he has ever been on as he still texts me… I’ll see him again next week, I admire his resiliency!


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