buying time

I have spent the weekend out and about. Friday breakfast date, lunch meeting, industry spirit event was great to see some old faces and people I hadn’t seen in a while, I made dinner for the king, went back for a night of drinking with the king and saw caramel latte, who made friends with the king. Breakfast date with L&T, a nap, the legion with R, another date with Caramel latte, who again kept me up all night, some work, some house cleaning, and overall little to no sleep. I feel like I could sleep for a week, cozied up in my fleece onesie.
That’s not likely to happen.
I am not moving back to kelowna, I am not taking another job, not now, maybe in spring. Buys me some time to make this life decision, work out the fall out of a major career change. It means I need to go thru and purge my stuff, unpack, and asses, clear out stuff I don’t need/ don’t use.
I am enjoying the dating. Well, sort of. I feel guilty. I know guilt is a useless emotion. But I feel like right now I need to be cool. No intense dating, no hostage taking. I like meeting new people, making new friends, and slowly trying to include people in my life. I became so accustomed to doing things on my own it doesn’t occur to me to invite or include. I have never done this before, just date.
I am taking time for myself, time to clean or read, or date, but only if I feel like it. I am taking advantage of event, and perks and having a good work/life balance. I am dedicated to going to the gym because it makes me feel good. I stepped on a scale last week, 174, which I am good with, but I feel strong.

I still need more time to blog…

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