You are somebodies reason to masterbate

I only went on one date this week. I two handed texted like a maniac until my phone died every day. But stayed home, did laundry, unpacked a few things. Let down nice guy ninja, some guy who is looking for soul-less banging, and another great guy that I like, but have no desire to make out with. I like him, my labia isn’t a fan. Not that I should let my labia make any major decisions, but it does get some say. I did have an unusual text conversation this week.
I couple weeks ago I got a facebook message in the middle of the night. It was an old customer/acquaintance. A man I hadn’t seen in easily 2 years. He was always a favourite customer, cute, funny, as a bartender, it was my job to flirt, but it was never hard to flirt with him. I have known him for around 8 years. Anyways… middle of the night message telling me he has been working out and could he send me a picture of his new hot body? I didn’t get the message until the next morning, I replied that it was good to hear from him, and would be delighted to get a sexy body picture. Turns out, he was intoxicated, and you can’t un-send a message. We chatted for a bit online, and then I told him to text me. We texted for a while, it was nice to reconnect.
I didn’t hear from him for a few days, so I messaged him, I couldn’t resist teasing a bit- where was my sexy picture? I had some professional nudes done a few years ago, some of them are relatively tame and artistic. I told him I would send one if he did. we exchanged pictures, he has been working hard in the gym, and because I had asked for the picture, it’s not being shared. We continued to chat a bit texting back and forth. He works out of town but is home on weekends and maybe we should go on a date, if I am interested…? Yes, I would love to meet on a date, I liked him-always had. He liked me too, for years now. I admit to the picture being pretty impressive, maybe I should “self massage”… haha. He tells me he is way ahead of me. There I am sitting on my bed, horrified but smiling, staring at my cell phone. I appreciate the honesty, he is using my picture to masterbate. And shamelessly tells me so. Why did I not know he had a crush, for years now? Because I am completely obtuse, being in a long relationship shutting down advances, thinking maybe I was just “one of the guys”. Nervously giggling I tell him I’m flattered I’m someones reason to masterbate. He tells me this isn’t even close to the first time he’s thought about me. Awesome, I am a regular in his spank-bank reel. We have a date next week, it’s going to be great fun- or epically awkward. But I do appreciate the honesty.

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