Too much fun.

I took a mental health day yesterday. Not because I am stressed, in fact I have been having maybe a little too much fun the last little while. Friday I had a date, we had fun, I included him in the plans I had with friends, which is a big thing for me. Dinner at Home with BRE, and then the elite for open mic night with R. Also I was looking for a bit of a buffer. I like him, but have this feeling he is looking for something far more intense than I am interested in. I finally feel good about dating, I want to date. I do not want a relationship. (famous last words? maybe… I hope not.)
Saturday I had a naturopath appointment, then a coffee girl date, and then a winefest girl date, and a night out. We had a great time, lots of laughs, and it was good networking for work. We went to the pub after and ended up hanging with a bachelor party, not the entire party, just the married men. We talked about their wives, and kids. I told some awesome dating stories. One of the guys said he didn’t want to “cock block” me, and I should just give him the word and he would take off. I assured him I could flirt over him if need be. I saw the 22 year old, gave him the point and nod, but we did not talk. Saw the man who took his shirt off a few weeks ago in the bar, and asked if there would be an encore. He said no, and I asked if talking sweet would persuade him to reconsider? He ran away, the married guy thought it was hilarious. The married guy told me I was gorgeous, and that it didn’t make sense I was single, he told me not to worry, because soon someone would realize how great I was, probably before I hit 30. I laughed. really? Around 30 you say? Hahaha. I laughed and told him, I was 30 once for a whole year, and not one marriage proposal. Thank you mom and dad for good genes. I am almost 34. A full 2 years older than this fellow. We absolutely had some laughs, after the pub shut down we walked up town to eat poutine, on the bench on the street, at 3 am we were intoxicated and people watching. We shared out late night snack with some random girl, and I saw my ex’s friends, they stopped and we chatted until 4 am, was an enlightening conversation.
I had a short sleep, and headed downtown had another girl date- breakfast girl date. And all sorts of awesome. Did a little book shopping and headed to starbucks to do some work, I was going to blog, but… A woman who had clearly suffered a head injury sat beside me and chatted, actually talked non stop for the hour and a half it took me to do my liquor order. She was lovely but by the time I was done I needed to get out and walk, enjoy the sunshine. I cruised along the lakeshore texting with caramel latte and people watching. Drove home and did a little unpacking.
I had a breakfast date planned for monday, and ended up having what could be the worlds longest date. 3 movies, 3 meals, video games and a nap. As well as a pile of chatting, laughing and general good time. I spent the day away from my cell, sending only essential texts, no e-mail, no facebook. It was a lovely and guilt free day spent away from work and any responsibilities.
I had a date for friday this week, but he just cancelled, I am okay with that, more unpacking and a few blog topics to write this week. Caramel latte suggested a book which I picked up today. Maybe I’ll get to see the cute boy from the gym this weekend! It’s a long weekend…


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