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I took off a long weekend. The whole thing saturday-monday. This was the first long weekend I have taken off this year. Likely the only one. I was outrageously busy. Thursday night meeting Goldy for a drink, why? Because I like him, and I may be a bit of a masochist. I also stopped in to visit with my Ex for a bit friday eve. Again, why? because I liked him too… and yep, masochist. I seem to have a special talent tormenting myself. Being so busy, I skillfully avoided dates this weekend, mostly. Friday morning the cute boy from the gym, (who I would like to re-name but at this point would be confusing). Messaged me first thing, Breakfast? Heck yes. I had a little care package, it was his birthday a few weeks ago, plus I always have a good time with him.
Breakfast was a leisurely 2 hour event, full of stories, laughter, and of course shameless flirting. I did have to go to work, and he had some errands, but we parted ways with a potential -before the end of the weekend- breakfast date lined up. Turned out I had an extra ticket for the penticton winefest finale, and he didn’t have plans, so he accompanied me. We dressed up a bit, he cleans up great! In a shirt and slacks, He said his range was hobo to bond, and we met somewhere in the middle.
Generally these events are good networking for me, but I keep my wits, do more talking than sampling. This one we talked, but I was intoxicated by the end. Good and drunk. I’m afraid it’s not the most spectacular blog post because it was a really great date. We laughed, we people watched, checked out girls, talked about a variety of things, I was supposed to covertly take sexy shoe pics for caramel latte, but was too involved with the cute boy from the gym and my wine, I forgot. We talked in #hashtags (search justin timberlake and jimmy fallon #), and of course, more shameless flirting. Afterwards we swung by the tourist sign for a #photo op



After our super model photo shoot we stumbled back to my house, literally across the street, we had planned on going out, but it was still early. We had a glass of wine, and then some pumpkin whiskey. Chatting away. I slipped into something a little more comfortable…


Yes, that onesie zips all the way to the top! We continued to chat, I was flirting but fairly obtuse, I thought I had made it to “one of the guys” status, he didn’t want to make out with me… Well, he cut straight to the chase, and asked what I wanted. Haha. I wanted to make out with the cute boy from the gym. Sure did. Not looking for anything serious, and that works seeing as he doesn’t live here. I want to do a triathlete. He has done a bunch, was pro… am I going to attain a life goal tonight? I sure hope so…
He is great, we had fun, it was nice to have a date that made a work activity more fun than work. He dropped off a piece of his homemade pumpkin pie with whipped cream before he left town. It put my pie to shame, no comparison. He will be back in november, fingers crossed for a #breakfast date#attaining life goals#moodmaking onesie #sleepoverparty

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