I’m not fat, I’m fluffy.

Had an… interesting exchange on POF today. It’s actually been going on for a few days, as I only check my messages once or twice a week. I was window shopping looking at pictures and passively man shopping. I went on the “meet me” section, where you can look at a picture, view a profile and simply check a box, yes, no or maybe, if you would be willing to meet. This is how I discovered Goldylocks, he had checked a yes or maybe in this section. If you choose yes or maybe they send an email to that profile, doing a little match making.
I am proud to say there are over 112 users that have deemed me a yes or maybe in the 2 months I have been on POF. Yippie? If both users are green or yellow, the site sends an email that it’s a mutual match. Let the fireworks commence…
This young man (27) had checked a box that said he was willing or maybe willing to meet, and after reading his profile, I figured maybe would be okay for me too. He seemed young even for his age, but… you never know. Shortly after, I got a message from him, our interaction went something like this: (I am paraphrasing as I didn’t think to take a screen shot)
Boy: Hey username
Me: hey username back
boy: how are you?
me: not bad, just lurking a little POF before bed
boy: what would you say your success rate is from meet me messages?
me: uh… I don’t know I’ve ever noticed or given it much thought. Perhaps I should collect some data and make a graph?
boy: okay I want that info by midnight
me: not possible, need more time to tabulate
boy: unacceptable
me: well, luckily no one cares what you think 😛 (I felt it was clear I was joking, apparently not, if you don’t know me)
Boy: you will never “meet” somebody if you cannot carry a conversation. Also you can not put average as your body type when you are clearly BBW.

Okay, for body types there is slender, athletic, average, a few extra pounds and BBW. My BMI is in the average range. Granted my pictures are from august, and there are a couple from feb. I do have a few extra pounds, 10? Or so? (more in feb-august) But really? I was hurt, a little angry. I wanted to rip apart this young man. “Hey” is not a conversation starter. I could very well have chatted, perhaps this was my fault, but there are countless men including Caramel latte that wrote a full paragraph, or two to start a conversation. My headline is “better looking in real life… apparently” Because I have been told numerous times, my profile pictures do me no justice. Angry, and a little hurt, I then realized… He is an idiot. I was sarcastic without a font, and he had no idea of my tone, but when his feelings were hurt he went straight to attack and name calling. He couldn’t come up with a witty or smart retort? Not even an “I know you are but what am I?” I suppose I should have simply said “you are not the boss of me”. Regardless, not what I am looking for, and obviously that is reciprocal. And now I know, if I feel like checking a maybe, I should stick with the no box. Only resounding YESes from here on out. Next week, when I go to check my messages, maybe.

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