old man time

I have been neglecting my blog. I have a date from last week I still haven’t written, dammit… I am not sure what exactly I have been spending my time doing, driving I think, trips to vernon and kelowna, use up 2-4 hours of my time. Time that could be spent, at the gym, or blogging. I need a chauffeur, then I could write in the car!
I was a dating maniac when I met Goldylocks, 7 dates in 6 days with 6 different men. Plus the list of men I was chatting with online and via the various dating websites I was on. There was one man who had corresponded with e-mail. He worked out of town, and we emailed for well over a month. When I decided to stick with Goldy for a while, I told all the other boys I was seeing someone. Old man time disappeared, until about a month ago.
Remember I had next to no screening requirements for my 30 dates, anyone expressing interest, got a date. The only thing I remembered about this guy: he liked to dance, was close to his family, and was older…
We exchanged e-mails, and a couple texts, seemed like a nice enough guy, really keen on taking me out, and he had patiently waited for more than 10 months. We decided that tonight would work, and I would meet him for dinner. A lovely evening out at a local italian restaurant. I asked for a picture since I had no idea what this guy looked like, and my suspicions were confirmed… older.
Old man time has lived an interesting life, as a navel officer, workaholic, homeless, world traveler, married a handful of times, has 2 beautiful children, a boy and a girl, and grandchildren. His daughter has a 7 and 3 year old. I went out for dinner tonight with a grandpa. I’m surprised he didn’t tease me and catch my nose. Maybe he should have shared the liquorice all sorts and bridge mix he keeps in his coat. I love both those candies. Joking aside, his daughter, 29, his son, 25. So being my dad, wouldn’t have been the biggest stretch.
I asked a couple questions, and he sprung into regaling me with stories. I’m amazed the poor guy got thru his dinner as he talked non stop. He did have good stories to tell… I excused myself at one point to seek refuge in the quietness of the can, and realized while texting caramel latte and getting ready for the date, I was wearing my panties inside out. Yay me.
We had a lovely meal including tiramisu, I met someone new, but the love of my life? No. Sexual chemistry? Nope. I asked one of my guy friends post date what a 51 year old man figured he could do with me? Honestly? His reply “Have hot dirty uninhibited anal sex, that lasts for 3 min after a keg dinner.” Well there is no keg in Pen, but he did take me for prime rib… so maybe. No thank you.

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One thought on “old man time

  1. Heatheroo says:

    Anal sex for 3 minutes?? Really? I think for most guys that might be a stretch! LOL

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