Snap Chat, the date.

I went on a date with snapchat, He alternated between sending me pictures of himself and texting me, sent me a picture of a book we had chatted about, and of course a couple hand drawn hearts. Aweeee… Surprisingly, I did not get a single picture of his junk as I thought I would.
We met up for a drink monday night. He is cute. Not terribly tall, but dark, dimples, a days beard growth, great teeth, a resting bicep line peeking out of the sleeve of his t-shirt. Beautiful man. Fairly mature for his age? Conversational at least. Smart, not outrageously funny, but could have just been the awkward first meet. He is a Nurse, coaches sports. Unfortunately, he is 27, still lives with his parents. I’m just jealous my parents encouraged me to move out. He claims his asked him to move home. Apparently they are away often, so it works for them to have him live at home. We chatted, knew a couple of the same people, it was an entertaining way to spend a couple hours, and he was easy to look at. He assured me, I wasn’t too old for him, just a little more experienced. Only a couple years really. As I was leaving he gave me a kiss, a hold the back of my head at the nape of my neck kiss, a windy afternoon movie type kiss. I was impressed by his boldness. Then amazed that such a blatant disregard for my personal space wasn’t irritating. Maybe because he was so pretty. He pressed his chest against mine, like in a paperback romance novel, and I think I felt his 6pack abs under his T-shirt and open jacket. What do you say after that? Nice to meet you? The only thing I could think of was “call me maybe” And his reply was “maybe?” I laughed and got into my car.
I didn’t hear from him right after the date, or the next morning, I am totally spoiled by immediate date validations. I told one of my fave reps I didn’t think I would hear from him. He wanted to bet me that I would. That’s a good friend! I didn’t make that bet and it’s a good thing, as snap chat sent me a text a few hours later claiming the night was “awesome”. Validation! Even if I don’t see him again, it is comforting to have a beautiful young man tell you your company is awesome. Maybe he will snap chat me a pic of those abs…

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