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Paleo stuffed chicken breasts

I was craving stuffed chicken breast, okay, I was craving cheese, but I can’t have cheese, and cashew cheese or nutritional yeast just aren’t cutting it. I undertook paleo hamburger buns from the good people at against the grain, and had a couple leftover buns chilling in my fridge. I crumbled up the buns, and went to work making stuffing

-yellow onion diced
-3 stalk of celery diced
-1cup matchstick or grated carrots
-1/2 cup golden raisins
-1/2 cup butter or ghee
-2tbsp rosemary
-clove diced garlic

I sautéed over medium heat until celery was soft. and transferred the rich buttery mixture into already crumbled buns.
I added one egg, to help solidify stuffing, and mixed well.

Filleting chicken breasts to make a stuffing “pocket” I stuffed the 4 large breasts I had pulled out. To help keep the stuffing inside I wrapped each chicken breast with 2 slices of bacon.

Baked in the oven 350 F for 45 min





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Just a few days to go

I still want cheese. Every time I try to go to bed early with the plan to get up early and go to work, I sleep like crap. But I did wise up and pack enough food to make it to the gym after work. I choked down a “wholly noggin” whole food, raw and Paleo friendly snack bar, although not the worst thing I’ve had in my mouth, not the best. I have been asked a few times “what do you eat?” It’s a valid question if you are like most people, like I was, grains, dairy and sugar made up most of my diet. Or if you are vegetarian, beans and legumes. Something cut out on the Paleo plan.

So, what I ate today (keeping in mind this is a little more than the rest of the month, because I’m a slow learner apparently, taking 27 days to wise up)
-100g of dried banana, pineapple and mango while I packed my lunch, and so I don’t throw up my multivitamin.
-magic bullet cup with approx 1/2c pumpkin puree (leftover from muffins), 1/2c coconut milk, splash of almond/coconut milk to thin it out, a hunk of fresh ginger and a dump of cinnamon when I get to work I add ice and blend, as I have a bullet base in my office.
-2 eggs, a piece of bacon cut into bits, leftover diced tomato and green onions, a teaspoon of butter, mixed up in a glass container and baked in the toaster oven at work 10 min. Soufflé style (would be better with cheese) I took half an avocado to eat with my eggs and forgot. Avocado is patiently awaiting my return tomorrow, and I’m going to eat it.
-1 large banana,
-pork loin cooked in green coconut curry, and 1/2 cup apple sauce
-2 caveman treat paleo cookies (found them at homesense)
-caracara orange cut into sections, I also eyed up the blood orange on my shelf, as my throat is a little sore today, and just now realized I forgot to eat it.
-a handful of banana chips I found while searching for an Advil for my co-worker, I love finding office food.
-Green mint tea with a touch of honey, again, sore throat
-wholly noggin paleo almond cranberry bar. I hated it, but made it to the gym. Win.
-pepperoni mini links-6 carefully read to be sure no sugar, corn, soy or other grains had snuck in
-2 larges slices of tomato, 2 dill pickles and a couple mouthfuls red thai salmon stir-fry (so delicious even cold)while I packed my lunch/dinner made dinner for tonight.
-large chicken breast stuffed with Paleo stuffing and wrapped in bacon, brussel sprouts with butter and pepper
– I plan on cooking some dates with ghee, or making green apple coconut bites but may just eat an orange while watching breaking bad in bed. I hate Walter White. Hate him. But, I have to keep watching.

Because I have a movie date tomorrow I need to pack extra food, and have made 2 lettuce wrapped burgers, a shake, eggs, thai stir fry, and will take a chicken breast with brussel sprouts in addition to a banana, apple, and orange. I plan on smuggling in some apple chips and pepperoni mini links to snack on during the movie. I am a wild and crazy gal. We are going to see “Wolf of Wall Street” So a snack for 3 hours movie is a necessity.




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Motivation ZERO. I say it like it’s a bad thing.

I am cold, and tired. I want to snuggle into my bed under my electric blanket and watch breaking bad until I fall asleep. I haven’t been to the gym in a week, I haven’t blogged in over a week, there is a mountain of clean but not folded laundry sitting at my house, a stack of partially read or un read books, and I’m hungry. I should also phone my mother.
I have been busy, eating Paleo does take more prep time, and I have been paleo baking like crazy.





Yesterday, I got home from work, and washed my laundry, while baking and watching breaking bad. I have been motivated, going to the gym a handful of times last week and the week before, shopping cooking and eating. I have spent time with Caramel Latte which is always amazing. We have cooked duck, lamb, prime rib, he made a buttery fish soup, coconut seafood chowder, we tried crocodile tail for the first time, with pineapple avocado salsa and grilled zucchini. We went across to washington state for a day, and went exploring, taking pictures above the cloud line. Some amazing photos of the hoar frost.


Our time together is fun, and smart, I like him.
I successfully survived blue monday, and my overall mood and outlook is good, I am just excessively un motivated. I lost my gym partner, which makes the gym lacklustre at best. Being infatuated with Breaking bad hasn’t helped either, the last couple days sitting in my office at work I played episodes instead of listening to the CBC. I know I need to be compassionate with myself, but it’s a go to to berate myself for all the “should-be’s” Should be at work earlier, should fold my laundry, and vacuum, should go to the gym and spend an hour, should be blogging these incredible recipes, should be…. should be… should be…
Instead I’m going to blog a shorty while I almost enjoy this almond milk matcha green tea latte, and then phone my parents while I cook dinner, and retire to my bed to spend quality time with my electric blanket and netflicks on my ipad. I know why I didn’t have it on here before. A couple musings before I go, grocery shopping has become a task, having to read everything, sugar is saturating our food and beverages. CRAZY. It’s like a super villain lurking in EVERYTHING. I have decided I do not like almond milk (hence the almost enjoy for my latte). If you despised coconut, paleo eating would be extra challenging. You can make caramel cheesecake tasting items without dairy, grains or sugar. Mind blowing. I took some to work today to share, my staff were mind blown as well. Mind BJ’s for everyone. The gym, and dating and laundry will all be there tomorrow, right now Hank and Jesse need my time and attention. Later peeps.

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Carb flu, obviously… since I am now a nutritionist

I am self diagnosing. But it seems to fit. Vanessa suggested I look it up. I did sustain life on dairy and sugar, carbs and carbs, so to stop grains and dairy as well as sugar all at once, it makes sense I am experiencing withdrawal. Sugar is in everything, and highly addictive. I am addicted. Went to Davids tea today after a stellar snow shoe, did I NEED tea? Nope. But I bought this spiced fig that OMG, I could eat it out of the package. Cranberries, almonds, dates, cloves and figs. I am in love, I may be going back tomorrow for a tin because the 54g in this precious little bag, will not last. I am chilling in my kitchen right now, Turkey leg in the oven, shallot, roasted garlic, fennel and green apple. I have a pot of veggie ends simmering on the stove top, once Dinner is done, I’m going to add the turkey bones. Bone broth is supposed to help carb flu. I’m about to sauté my brussel sprouts with bacon and once my turkey leg is out I’ll pop in the carrot gingerbread muffins I’m baking. I have loaded up on frozen berries to make coconut milk shakes, I add a banana, berries or crushed pineapple, coconut milk, and flax/hemp/chia. I then eat a couple eggs with spinach and avocado, sometimes some leftovers, I added some curried chicken this morning, it was amazing. I do need to better plan so I’m not eating the same thing all week. The carb flu varies from person to person, but generally, around day 10, and lasts 2 days-2 weeks. Symptoms include fatigue, excessive hunger, headache, phlegm, nausea, sleepiness, upset stomach, brain fog. From what I read, it is your body trying to adjust to metabolizing differently. The process of turning fat into energy is more complex than sugar to energy. So this, although less than ideal is a good thing. I’ll post my food porn when It’s all plated and put together.

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Really the time is getting away from me.

A week between posts is likely too long. I have been enjoying an excess of time with Caramel latte the last week, it has been great to cook with someone, as opposed to for someone. We have gone to the pool, and the gym together, cooked duck for the first time, he then pulled apart the bird, reconstituted the fat and made a bone broth. It’s all very gourmet. Duck is the bacon of the poultry family. Rich flavourful dark meat, we brined the duck so it was a salty savoury goodness. Served with a cherry rosemary sauce, and acorn squash with cashew “cheese” and pomegranates. All paleo, so delicious.

In addition to clean eating I have gone back on oral contraceptives. So, I have noticed, along with radical cleanses I make hormonal changes. Go off the pill, go on, progesterone, etc. I am a crazy person. Why the pill? Well, I’m still feeling like my hormones are out of whack. Plus although all sex is protected I like to have a back up, in case a condom breaks or slips. This only matters because in addition to the food cravings, I have to keep my hormonal cravings in check. I called Cherise thursday, I wanted to run away, run away with the enormous box of chocolates someone had brought into work.

I feel like we had really connected that box of chocolates and I. We could have had an intimate affair. In my mouth. Anyways, I feel a little crazy here and there.
Not sure if it’s the hormones or the diet change, I am tired. I spent 16 hours in bed yesterday. After yoga and a paleo dinner of spaghetti squash, turkey meatballs, and salad with prawns, I came home, and went to bed. 10 pm. I stayed in bed sleeping until 2 pm. I ventured downstairs for a paleo pumpkin walnut muffin and a mango, and went back to bed till 4. Peeling myself out of bed I showered, dressed and went downstairs to eat some Brazilian curry chicken with mashed winter veg (thanks caramel latte). I went to kelowna to see some friends. I should have packed some food, but 2 problems, I was tired and lazy, and I need to grocery shop. I figured I would have a steak, steak and veg at the pub. I have been craving prime rib, if I take myself out for prime rib am I looking for anal with myself?? Hahaha. I guess I would know my ulterior motives with myself. Anyways, we get to the pub, and the girls decide they want to go somewhere else. We get to the second pub, and I am STARVING. The kitchen is closed. Dammit. Our server was kind enough to put together a plate of raw veggies for me, which I dipped in hot sauce. By the time we made it back to the first pub, their kitchen was also closed. I find the hungrier I get the more I want bread, or milk. Part of my fatigue very well could be that I sustained life on sugar and dairy. Vanessa is my go to for paleo info having gone thru it last year, she suggested maybe I’m not getting enough carbs, I will research “carb flu” this week. Again, crazy person to not just change one thing, but a bunch. I hung around the pub for a bit, and considered going somewhere downtown, I am charming, Surely someone would sell be some meat and veggies? Instead I went home, I was hungry and tired, had 2 scrambled eggs with buffalo bacon and half an avacado. And then I settled into another 9 hours of sleep. I am planning a nap before work tonight.

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so… turns out I’m not a coffee fan.


I don’t think I could even give you a rough estimate of the dollars and time spent in coffee houses the last 3 years. Blogging, reading, dates and people watching. Now a week into eating paleo, I stopped at starbucks on my way to the Dr. (which provided me with another problem… but I’ll get to that.) So I have given up sugar before, and dairy, and as a result just avoided the coffee shops, and dates. I wanted a pick me up as I had spent some time with Caramel latte, and it had been a late night/early morning.
I stood before the menu board, a reasonable distance away from the food case, loaded full of grains and sugar, I know I should have stuck to tea, but I ordered a medium roast coffee. Hot coffee in hand I take a sip. Coffee – (flavoured syrup+dairy) = BLECH. I asked for honey acceptable for paleo, as long as it is honey, and not honey product which is corn syrup. Still not awesome. I had a can of coconut cream in the car, I am currently stage 4 addicted to this stuff. I could (and have, I’m not proud) eat this delight out of the can with a spoon. I scooped a generous amount into my awaiting bitter black liquid. well, it was consumable, but barely. I sipped at it till I arrived at my GP office, and then sculled it back, tepid it was easier to drink.
Coffee before an annual check up is bad. Who knew, and as a result I had blood pressure just a touch on the high side. I have to go back, for a couple other reasons, and now I know, no coffee. Tonight after a stint at the gym I considered heading to starbys or blends (where they have almond milk) to blog, but instead came home and made coconut milk cocoa with cinnamon. Delish!

Not to brag… okay I’m bragging, I had a gorgeous man pack me an amazing paleo lunch today, This is something I would do, pack a lunch, send you off with a care package. I think this is the first time someone (other than Cherise) has packed ME a lunch in decades! Amazing. I will blog some more details as a couple of you have expressed concern about the restrictions of this challenge, I can assure you, rest easy, I am eating, lots, likely more calories than most. Details soon, I need to sleep…






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I was texting with Caramel latte, asking if he had any New Years resolutions on the horizon. I have a pile of wine to drink, and really could use a hand. He replied he wasn’t the resolution type but that he would be eating Paleo for January. 100%. He challenged me to join him. Well… I am never one to back down from a good challenge, you dare tell me I can’t or won’t do something, I will prove you wrong. It’s not always a good thing, pride makes me easily manipulated, and stubborn pig headedness can do more harm than good. But, in this case, I was in dire need of a sugar cleanse at the very least, my meditation and 30 min of cardio had dropped off with my calgary trip, the mayhem at work, and an especially lovely head cold. My hormones are still messed up, and being of progesterone the last 8 weeks, I feel it. I miss a day of Thyroid supplement, I feel that too. SO all round feeling on the frumpy side. I Agreed, and then went to work eating the dairy and grains in my house.
What is Paleo you may ask? Well Essentially it is a clean eating program, eating whole foods and staying away for processed items, cutting out sugar (a refined therefore processed item) flour, grains and legumes. Some paleo’s also cut out Dairy, it is a grey area, and I will be eliminating these as well from my diet, for at least the first 30 days. This is the hardest part for me, bread, yeah, whatever, rice and beans, I do love japanese and mexican food, but whatever… the dairy… OMG. I would fight someone for a latte, Bitch slap at least, and you don’t even wanna know what I would do for some cheese. I love cheese. I think it loves me too.
This guy has some thoughts on it too:
We started on New Year’s Day, and I found myself STARVING, despite eating all day, I do feel a little better today now a few meals in. We spent yesterday cooking and baking, It’s a good thing it’s something I enjoy because it is quite time consuming.



I have also attempted almond banana bread which turned out great. We made stuffed turkey and cranberry marsala peppers, and pork roast with apple cranberry sauce, mashed Turnip, and crispy baked zucchini. Grain free porridge, coconut banana pancakes, and blueberry bison sausage. He made an amazing veggie loaded spicy omelette. Thank goodness for my Davids tea addiction, I have been drinking tea like mad. Just being mindful to steer clear of the ones with sugar. Tonight I am solo and looking forward to leftovers, but tomorrow Caramel latte and I are going to attempt a brined duck with black cherry rosemary sauce, and I bought a small food processor, so maybe a cauliflower “rice”. I’m quite excited about all this cooking! Get ready for some food porn!

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Christmas party, and continued dating

Okay, I went to calgary for 5 days, my nephews birthday, and a long overdue visit. Generally I spend all my time with the kids/family. But this time I had resolved to spend some time on my own, and even see some friends. I hopped on Tinder, and holy matches while in the city. I had a veritable man buffet laid before me. All sorts, and I exchanged messages with a handful, but didn’t end up meeting anyone. I did take the train down town one day and did a little H&M dress shopping, met a couple friends for coffee and a visit, and as always had my fill of kid time. I LOVE those kids, and my bro and sister in law. I also love my life, and coming home to it was nice. More so than ever before I think I would return home previously and feel sad and alone. I’m in a better place now.
I had an annual christmas party at L&T house. I was sitting in Caramel Lattes kitchen watching him cook (a marvellous sight this man cooking, and I would post a picture, but without his consent, I cannot) We were chatting and I asked him if he would be around and wanted to join me. There was no definite plan set, but when it rolled around he texted to see what the plan was, what should he wear, what time etc. I was amazed. Nearly a decade of declined invitations, broken plans, and outright “No’s”. I didn’t have to beg or plead or bargain, this man would just come with me? Not knowing anyone but me and a casual meeting of L&T for my birthday, Caramel latte came with. He was spectacular, personable, conversational, if I was chatting with someone, he would move and strike up a conversation with someone else. I had a great time, I think he did too. We stayed a little longer than originally planned, so we postponed our dinner plan until the next day. I had decided to cook lamb for the first time. Leafing thru Caramel lattes cook books I had found this recipe for Mediterranean grilled Lamb. It was delicious! With the lamb, greek salad, pita tzatziki, (two kinds) Tarragon grilled onions and Lemon garlic potatoes, it was amazing. I have been inspired to cook again. Other than Caramel latte, and Tinder luck, I did meet one guy who I had forgotten about back in september for a much anticipated date. He wanted to take me for prime rib… but I know what that means…. Haha, nice enough guy, but honestly, not spectacular, and I really just agreed to meet him because of the guilt I had about forgetting him. Needless guilt. I did have two separate men send me random unsolicited cock shots last week, one from tinder, one from high school. I told both of them that unless they were applying for the position of “Boy friend” I wasn’t taking any more resumes for the casual position, but I would keep them on file. I just don’t have the time to devote to dating right now. I have been challenged to eat Paleo for the next 30 days, I will be spending my time cooking.

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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 9,500 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.