Christmas party, and continued dating

Okay, I went to calgary for 5 days, my nephews birthday, and a long overdue visit. Generally I spend all my time with the kids/family. But this time I had resolved to spend some time on my own, and even see some friends. I hopped on Tinder, and holy matches while in the city. I had a veritable man buffet laid before me. All sorts, and I exchanged messages with a handful, but didn’t end up meeting anyone. I did take the train down town one day and did a little H&M dress shopping, met a couple friends for coffee and a visit, and as always had my fill of kid time. I LOVE those kids, and my bro and sister in law. I also love my life, and coming home to it was nice. More so than ever before I think I would return home previously and feel sad and alone. I’m in a better place now.
I had an annual christmas party at L&T house. I was sitting in Caramel Lattes kitchen watching him cook (a marvellous sight this man cooking, and I would post a picture, but without his consent, I cannot) We were chatting and I asked him if he would be around and wanted to join me. There was no definite plan set, but when it rolled around he texted to see what the plan was, what should he wear, what time etc. I was amazed. Nearly a decade of declined invitations, broken plans, and outright “No’s”. I didn’t have to beg or plead or bargain, this man would just come with me? Not knowing anyone but me and a casual meeting of L&T for my birthday, Caramel latte came with. He was spectacular, personable, conversational, if I was chatting with someone, he would move and strike up a conversation with someone else. I had a great time, I think he did too. We stayed a little longer than originally planned, so we postponed our dinner plan until the next day. I had decided to cook lamb for the first time. Leafing thru Caramel lattes cook books I had found this recipe for Mediterranean grilled Lamb. It was delicious! With the lamb, greek salad, pita tzatziki, (two kinds) Tarragon grilled onions and Lemon garlic potatoes, it was amazing. I have been inspired to cook again. Other than Caramel latte, and Tinder luck, I did meet one guy who I had forgotten about back in september for a much anticipated date. He wanted to take me for prime rib… but I know what that means…. Haha, nice enough guy, but honestly, not spectacular, and I really just agreed to meet him because of the guilt I had about forgetting him. Needless guilt. I did have two separate men send me random unsolicited cock shots last week, one from tinder, one from high school. I told both of them that unless they were applying for the position of “Boy friend” I wasn’t taking any more resumes for the casual position, but I would keep them on file. I just don’t have the time to devote to dating right now. I have been challenged to eat Paleo for the next 30 days, I will be spending my time cooking.

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