I was texting with Caramel latte, asking if he had any New Years resolutions on the horizon. I have a pile of wine to drink, and really could use a hand. He replied he wasn’t the resolution type but that he would be eating Paleo for January. 100%. He challenged me to join him. Well… I am never one to back down from a good challenge, you dare tell me I can’t or won’t do something, I will prove you wrong. It’s not always a good thing, pride makes me easily manipulated, and stubborn pig headedness can do more harm than good. But, in this case, I was in dire need of a sugar cleanse at the very least, my meditation and 30 min of cardio had dropped off with my calgary trip, the mayhem at work, and an especially lovely head cold. My hormones are still messed up, and being of progesterone the last 8 weeks, I feel it. I miss a day of Thyroid supplement, I feel that too. SO all round feeling on the frumpy side. I Agreed, and then went to work eating the dairy and grains in my house.
What is Paleo you may ask? Well Essentially it is a clean eating program, eating whole foods and staying away for processed items, cutting out sugar (a refined therefore processed item) flour, grains and legumes. Some paleo’s also cut out Dairy, it is a grey area, and I will be eliminating these as well from my diet, for at least the first 30 days. This is the hardest part for me, bread, yeah, whatever, rice and beans, I do love japanese and mexican food, but whatever… the dairy… OMG. I would fight someone for a latte, Bitch slap at least, and you don’t even wanna know what I would do for some cheese. I love cheese. I think it loves me too.
This guy has some thoughts on it too:
We started on New Year’s Day, and I found myself STARVING, despite eating all day, I do feel a little better today now a few meals in. We spent yesterday cooking and baking, It’s a good thing it’s something I enjoy because it is quite time consuming.



I have also attempted almond banana bread which turned out great. We made stuffed turkey and cranberry marsala peppers, and pork roast with apple cranberry sauce, mashed Turnip, and crispy baked zucchini. Grain free porridge, coconut banana pancakes, and blueberry bison sausage. He made an amazing veggie loaded spicy omelette. Thank goodness for my Davids tea addiction, I have been drinking tea like mad. Just being mindful to steer clear of the ones with sugar. Tonight I am solo and looking forward to leftovers, but tomorrow Caramel latte and I are going to attempt a brined duck with black cherry rosemary sauce, and I bought a small food processor, so maybe a cauliflower “rice”. I’m quite excited about all this cooking! Get ready for some food porn!

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