so… turns out I’m not a coffee fan.


I don’t think I could even give you a rough estimate of the dollars and time spent in coffee houses the last 3 years. Blogging, reading, dates and people watching. Now a week into eating paleo, I stopped at starbucks on my way to the Dr. (which provided me with another problem… but I’ll get to that.) So I have given up sugar before, and dairy, and as a result just avoided the coffee shops, and dates. I wanted a pick me up as I had spent some time with Caramel latte, and it had been a late night/early morning.
I stood before the menu board, a reasonable distance away from the food case, loaded full of grains and sugar, I know I should have stuck to tea, but I ordered a medium roast coffee. Hot coffee in hand I take a sip. Coffee – (flavoured syrup+dairy) = BLECH. I asked for honey acceptable for paleo, as long as it is honey, and not honey product which is corn syrup. Still not awesome. I had a can of coconut cream in the car, I am currently stage 4 addicted to this stuff. I could (and have, I’m not proud) eat this delight out of the can with a spoon. I scooped a generous amount into my awaiting bitter black liquid. well, it was consumable, but barely. I sipped at it till I arrived at my GP office, and then sculled it back, tepid it was easier to drink.
Coffee before an annual check up is bad. Who knew, and as a result I had blood pressure just a touch on the high side. I have to go back, for a couple other reasons, and now I know, no coffee. Tonight after a stint at the gym I considered heading to starbys or blends (where they have almond milk) to blog, but instead came home and made coconut milk cocoa with cinnamon. Delish!

Not to brag… okay I’m bragging, I had a gorgeous man pack me an amazing paleo lunch today, This is something I would do, pack a lunch, send you off with a care package. I think this is the first time someone (other than Cherise) has packed ME a lunch in decades! Amazing. I will blog some more details as a couple of you have expressed concern about the restrictions of this challenge, I can assure you, rest easy, I am eating, lots, likely more calories than most. Details soon, I need to sleep…






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