Really the time is getting away from me.

A week between posts is likely too long. I have been enjoying an excess of time with Caramel latte the last week, it has been great to cook with someone, as opposed to for someone. We have gone to the pool, and the gym together, cooked duck for the first time, he then pulled apart the bird, reconstituted the fat and made a bone broth. It’s all very gourmet. Duck is the bacon of the poultry family. Rich flavourful dark meat, we brined the duck so it was a salty savoury goodness. Served with a cherry rosemary sauce, and acorn squash with cashew “cheese” and pomegranates. All paleo, so delicious.

In addition to clean eating I have gone back on oral contraceptives. So, I have noticed, along with radical cleanses I make hormonal changes. Go off the pill, go on, progesterone, etc. I am a crazy person. Why the pill? Well, I’m still feeling like my hormones are out of whack. Plus although all sex is protected I like to have a back up, in case a condom breaks or slips. This only matters because in addition to the food cravings, I have to keep my hormonal cravings in check. I called Cherise thursday, I wanted to run away, run away with the enormous box of chocolates someone had brought into work.

I feel like we had really connected that box of chocolates and I. We could have had an intimate affair. In my mouth. Anyways, I feel a little crazy here and there.
Not sure if it’s the hormones or the diet change, I am tired. I spent 16 hours in bed yesterday. After yoga and a paleo dinner of spaghetti squash, turkey meatballs, and salad with prawns, I came home, and went to bed. 10 pm. I stayed in bed sleeping until 2 pm. I ventured downstairs for a paleo pumpkin walnut muffin and a mango, and went back to bed till 4. Peeling myself out of bed I showered, dressed and went downstairs to eat some Brazilian curry chicken with mashed winter veg (thanks caramel latte). I went to kelowna to see some friends. I should have packed some food, but 2 problems, I was tired and lazy, and I need to grocery shop. I figured I would have a steak, steak and veg at the pub. I have been craving prime rib, if I take myself out for prime rib am I looking for anal with myself?? Hahaha. I guess I would know my ulterior motives with myself. Anyways, we get to the pub, and the girls decide they want to go somewhere else. We get to the second pub, and I am STARVING. The kitchen is closed. Dammit. Our server was kind enough to put together a plate of raw veggies for me, which I dipped in hot sauce. By the time we made it back to the first pub, their kitchen was also closed. I find the hungrier I get the more I want bread, or milk. Part of my fatigue very well could be that I sustained life on sugar and dairy. Vanessa is my go to for paleo info having gone thru it last year, she suggested maybe I’m not getting enough carbs, I will research “carb flu” this week. Again, crazy person to not just change one thing, but a bunch. I hung around the pub for a bit, and considered going somewhere downtown, I am charming, Surely someone would sell be some meat and veggies? Instead I went home, I was hungry and tired, had 2 scrambled eggs with buffalo bacon and half an avacado. And then I settled into another 9 hours of sleep. I am planning a nap before work tonight.

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